Elon Musk recently dropped hints about a new music-streaming service by Tesla

Elon Musk, Tesla

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk dropped hints about a new music service by the company

Source: www.newsmobile.in

Earlier this year, the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk hinted that his company wants to venture into the music world by offering its own music solution for playlists in the car, thereby sparking some speculation among the masses. Furthermore, Electrek reported that the most recent software update for Tesla cars includes a sort of reference to ‘TTunes’, that’s supposed to be a music service.

Last month, a couple of rumors were afloat that the energy company was talking to a few big music labels for the purpose of creating a proprietary streaming service for its cars, and it seems like these reports were true, thanks to the the recent report by Electrek.

Users of Tesla’s most recent software for cars won’t actually be able to try out this new service, however, as nothing’s set in stone. In June this year, Elon Musk made one of his usual teasers at the company’s yearly meeting with shareholders by saying that it’s “very hard to find good playlists or good matching algorithms,” for driving, with software that’s currently available. He also teased that we could expect them to announce that they’re going to be fixing this problem.

This September, Tesla is scheduled to reveal its electric semi-truck, so we’ll probably know more about ‘TTunes’ (or whatever they change the name to), then. Until then, we’re hoping that all these hints, teasers, and rumors are true, and Tesla does enter the music world, changing the conventional meaning of ‘driving’. We’ve got our fingers crossed.

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