Xiaomi unveiled a range of new TVs and a new set of ecosystem gadgets such as fitness band, cameras and more. The smartphone makers had slowly been creeping into different sectors and now they are set to make a mark. The company wants to expand into more categories down in the future and not just stay as a smartphone maker. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what Xiaomi has in store for us.


1) Mi Band 3:

The Mi Band 3 has received a ton of updates. Starting with the battery capacity, it has gone up to 110 mAh, which is a good 60% bigger than its predecessor. Hence, the battery is good for 20 days. Also, the screen size is now 85% larger than the  Mi Band 2 and stands at 0.78 inches. The OLED screen can deliver WhatsApp messages and can also display weather forecasts. The touch button on the top enables you to scroll through different functions and lets you receive and decline calls. The band still includes the heart rate sensor and can also monitor steps, sleep and more. The Mi Band 3 is water resistant to up to 50 metres. The Mi Band 3 is bang for the buck considering the features it offers. You can get your hands on the new Band 3 right here.

xiaomi band

2) Mi TVs:

Xiaomi unveiled 3 new Mi TVs for India. These Android TVs are sized at 32, 49 and 55 inches. The base operating system is Android which has Patchwall UI built on top of it to learn user behaviour. These smart TVs come equipped with Google Play Store which lets you download and install apps and games. Even the remote has a dedicated Google Assistant button. Considering the features offered by these smart TVs, Xiaomi is playing the market right. TVs capture a large share of the market and these budget-friendly TVs are ready to set the market on fire. The Mi TV 4C Pro is priced at Rs. 14, 999 and is said to be the cheapest Android TV available in the Indian market as of now. The 4A Pro and the 4 Pro is priced at Rs. 29,999 and Rs. 49,999 respectively. The competitors aren’t even close when compared to these Mi TVs.

xiaomi TV


3) Mi Home Security Camera 360:

This is a first for Xiaomi in India. The Mi home Security Camera is set to enhance smart living in India. Priced at Rs. 2,699, the camera is equipped with dual-motor pan/tilt cameras which allows it to rotate smoothly and capture 130-degree videos. The 2-megapixel lens may not sound much in our megapixel dense world but is equipped with Wide Dynamic Range which enables it to shoot 1080p images and record videos at 20 fps in rich detail. All these images and videos can be view on a smartphone in real-time through the Mi Home App. Xiaomi really wants to make security systems affordable to the Indian market. While Mumbai homes are still riddled with thefts and robberies, these security cameras will definitely come handy.

xiaomi camera


4) Mi Air Purifier 2S:

Xiaomi expands its smart home product range with the launch of Mi Purifier 2S, which is an update to the Air Purifier 2 launched last year. The 2S is equipped with an OLED display, laser sensor and a 360-degree triple-layer filter. The Air Purifier can also be controlled through the Mi app on your smartphone. The 2S is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The device can deliver clean air at the rate of 310 meters/hour. The 2S is capable of cleaning the air of a room-sized between 21-32 square metres. The purifier has a three-layer filter, which can pick up different particles like allergens, animal fur, formaldehyde, dust, pollen, and cigarette smoke from the Air. We can agree, our city isn’t really the cleanest when it comes to air quality. The air purifier from Xiaomi can literally help breathe better and stay healthy.

xiaomi air purifier

5) Mi Luggage:

Luggage from Xiaomi? You heard that right! Xiaomi just launched a range of scratch-resistant Luggage in two sizes – 20 and 24. The Mi Luggage is made from scratch-resistant Bayer Makrolon Polycarbonate which is the same material found in high-end automotive and sports equipment. The smaller suitcase has been priced at Rs 2,999 whereas the bigger one comes at Rs 4,299. So, you don’t have to worry about your luggage being mishandled by the airport – Xiaomi’s Mi luggage has got your back.

xiaomi luggage

The new slew of products from Xiaomi definitely wants to create a smarter Indian market. They already have made a mark in the smartphone industry and wants to create a niche for themselves in other categories too. The Mi band 3 and the Mi TVs have definitely caught some eyeballs and the rest of the products should also follow suit. Their smart TVs at affordable prices did rattle up the competition and their fellow compatriots are following the trend too. Rest assured, Xiaomi is playing the game ‘smartly’.