If you are someone just planning to start off your Smart home journey but are wondering what to go with first, here are some gadgets that will help you automate, voice-enable and add coolness to your pad. What’s more? These are all under Rs. 10,000. So this also makes an awesome gifting guide for Diwali 😉

1) Amazon Echo:  One of the world’s most popular Smart speaker and now soon becoming the center of the Smart home across the USA, Amazon Echo is now launched in India. Go ahead and buy it while it’s available at 30% off and with a free membership.

What can it do? Answer basic questions, play your music from Saavn and even hail a cab from Ola. More integrations coming soon as they roll out more of these products

What we hope it could do going forward? Integrate with more hubless devices that are available at affordable prices.



2) Amazon Echo Dot: The younger brother to the larger Amazon Echo, this is a cool virtual assistant or a bedside alarm clock. It can’t do much but if you need something to get started with and need a small speaker at a budget in the bedroom this is a good option as it is more than just a speaker – it’s a Smart speaker.



3) Garmin Vivofit 3 Activity Tracker: Need to shed those extra calories from Diwali partying? Buy this to set challenging new year resolutions! Garmin Vivofit however does not come with GPS – so they are less accurate compared to its pricier GPS based versions.



4) Wemo Mini  Smart Plug: Personally, we love this device. This makes any of your existing plugs Smart by enabling you to connect it to wifi. If you are someone who forgets to switch the geyser off or often leaves the TV on in the other room – this lets you just shout out to Alexa or use the app to switch off the device! The best part is that it works right out of the box and does not require professional installation or maintenance.



5) Amazon Fire TV Stick: Love watching video on streaming services like Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video or Netflix? This will be your best pal. We guarantee you that this will make you forget cable TV. Highly recommended if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber already. Even if you are not, the investment of the membership is worth it. Psst… Check out our articles here to help you take on cord-cutting and give up cable TV. Our infographic also tells you which video streaming service is right for you.



6) Bioenable Clever Dog Wifi Doorbell: One of the best ways to start off your journey in Smart homes is to enjoy the benefits of Smart security. With this wifi enabled plug and play doorbell, you can actually see who is at the door, talk to them and guess what? It’s waterproof.



7) Smiledrive Clever Dog Wireless CCTV Security Camera: Wireless, plug and play, high definition, two way audio and video. One of the best things you can buy for basic monitoring in your home. This does the trick well and at a good cost. And guess what? No cloud subscription fee for recording video – just plug in an SD card and it will record your security feed.



8) Syska Smartlight Rainbow LED Smart bulb: If you are looking to decorate your home with beautiful colours and set the mood for Diwali, this is an excellent option. Though a bit costly compared to the “toran” lights or the lanterns you buy for Diwali, this Smartens up your home and allows you to choose from a variety of colours to set the mood.



9) Philips Hue: Another option for a Smart bulb is the leading brand in the home electrical space: Philips. This bulb covers all white shades and is not multi-coloured. If you are someone picky about their ambiance especially when they are reading or watching TV this is the right bulb for you. (Tip: Makes a great bedside light in case you use a table lamp). What’s cool is that it works well with Amazon Echo.



10) Philips Air Purifier: If you are investing in a Smarter home why not start with healthy living. No matter which metro of India you are living in, you are exposing your homes to pollution especially if you live in flats or homes close to the main road or busy streets. We need cleaner air more than ever – especially during Diwali when the air is choking with fire crackers. While the regulation to ban fire crackers may be far – we can at least safeguard from the ill effects of pollution for our loved ones at home.





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