Life of a typical bachelor involves self-sustenance – that means he has to maintain every aspect of his life by himself. These aspects include cooking, cleaning, laundry etc. A decade back, all these tasks sound tedious. But, the life of single men in the 21st century is now dominated by smart devices. These smart devices have made things a lot easy – but not as easy as finding the woman of his dreams! Nonetheless, here we list 5 smart devices for bachelors to make their life easy, quirky and comfortable.

1) RNG EKO GREEN Multifunction cooker – to unleash your inner-chef :

One needs food for survival. Bachelors who cannot cook cannot solely survive on food from restaurants all the time! Now it’s time for you bachelors to put on your toques, RNG EKO’s multifunction cooker is here to your rescue. This smart cooker eliminates those cooking woes or makes it look a lot less difficult. With 16 different cooking modes, this nifty little device answers questions like how long do I have to cook this? What flame should be kept for that? So, when you crave for some pasta, pop the ingredients into the cooker, select the preset – Pasta- and let the cooker do the rest. There’s also a steam mode for your idlis, noodles and momos. There’s an automatic shut off feature too – convenient for the careless ones! And at times when you really crave for restaurant foods, you can keep the dishes warm with its ‘Keep Warm’ function. Now, that’s cooking made easy for you.

Smart cooker


2) REDMOND Smart Electric Kettle – for that instant dose of caffeine:

Starting the day with a brewing cup of joe will be the most ideal way. But waking up to boil the water and adding other ingredients to make your cup of tea requires some physical effort and a lot of mental effort to stay awake through the process! Ahh, don’t you wish you could make some tea right from your smartphone? Well, that’s kind-of possible with Redmond’s Smart Electric Kettle – which you can control from its mobile app. It can boil water instantly with its advanced high power technology and can maintain the temperature for up to 12 hours. And when there’s no water in the kettle, it will automatically power itself off. So bachelors, the next time you crave for some caffeine, all you need is to get hold of your smartphone.

Smart kettle


3) iRobot Cleaning Robot – for exceptionally clean rooms :

Living like a bachelor is fun until it’s the time to clean. With all the cooking, laundry and other activities, there’s always little to no time left to clean – leaving you with a messy bachelor pad. Hence, the iRobot exists. It’s a robot that does the cleaning work for you while you go around do whatever a bachelor does. The iRobot does all the cleaning for you with its powerful vacuum – sucking in all types of dirt, even from carpets. It has Dirt Detect Sensors that target areas with high concentration of dirt and will not budge until it gets the job done. The iRobot can cover an entire floor of your bachelor pad, room by room without missing a spot, including in corners. If you have a virtual assistant like Google Assistant or Alexa (which is an another must have for a bachelor), you can even operate iRobot with your voice. It can even be scheduled to clean 7x a week! So, the next time your friends come over, they won’t be greeted to dirty floors!

smart vaccum


4) Sony’s High Power Portable Party System – for partying out loud:

What’s a bachelor pad without a party? If you own a bachelor pad, your friends will be looking forward to a party. And to make that party a success, you’ll need this smart music system from Sony. This music system is like no other! With built-in lights, you can turn your bachelor pad into a club with a touch. Its 360 degrees sound technology ensures the music is evenly spread across the dance floor. The touch panel on top of the speaker can also let you be the in-house DJ for the night – so dive in, create your own mix on the go. Or else, grab the mics and sing along your favourite tracks with the Karaoke feature. This smart speaker is completely portable, so all the fun follows you wherever you go. What’s more? You can control every aspect of the speaker with an app from your smartphone! It’s time to be the party king!

Smart speaker

5) Belkin WeMo smart switch – to make everything ‘smarter’:

When you want to turn every device in your bachelor pad into a smart device, you need Belkin’s WeMo smart switch! All you need to do is, connect this smart switch into your wall outlet, and plug in your device on to this switch and boom! You now have a smart device which you can control completely with a mobile app! Remotely turn on or off any device connected to this smart switch. Monitor and control energy usage of the devices connected from any location. What’s more? You can even schedule these devices and even receive custom notifications. For eg, you can schedule the coffee maker to be turned when you wake up, you can have a hot cuppa as soon as you’re awake! And this switch is Alexa compatible – so your voice has the power to control any device in your bachelor pad.

Smart plug

So bachelor’s, you now know what needs to be done to convert your average bachelor pad into a smart one! 

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