A decade back, controlling your home’s lights using just your voice or your smartphone seemed like futuristic science fiction. But now, it has become an everyday thing! The last two years was really fruitful for the smart home industry. Today, if check for smart lights, we’ll be greeted with a ton of options! Hence, it’s time for the technology to move to other sectors around the house and create a smart environment. It’s time for more than just light automation around your home!

1) A smart healthy home:

In the near future, when you are in the shower, intelligent sensors will run a quick, non-invasive health check when you step in. Your mattress will be equipped with technology that can detect any illnesses. All of these collected data will then be shared with different home devices (or maybe to your chosen doctor) and make sure that your health is always at its best!

Smart homes will soon have a tech that enables you to stay healthy embedded into its structure. Smart homes are slowly becoming a trend amongst the people and it will be easier as technology helps you stay healthy. Non-intrusive occasional health checks running on the fly as you’re engaged in your daily activities will be the future of diagnosis. Then, when there’s an emergency, your smart home will be able to call for the doctor by itself and provided him with a diagnosis as and when needed!


2) A smart home for the seniors:

Elderlies nowadays have a tough time getting their heads around all the tech. Though, once they get used to it, they realise how much simpler live becomes. In fact, there are a ton of gadgets out in the market targetted for the seniors. Remotely controlling the devices as and when needed is also a solution. Also, there are smart homes which offer physiotherapy sessions over the internet, so the hassle of travel all the way to the doctor is avoided.

Super smart homes can include smart pill dispensers that can remind the seniors as when it is their medication time. There will be a smart pot that can water the plants periodically. Motion sensors around the house can detect fall. A smart trashcan that can scan for the discarded packaging and add the items to the user’s shopping list. These smart homes will be a dream for the elderlies.

for seniors

3) A smart bedroom:

A healthy lifestyle is dependent on the quality of your sleep. Even your health is dependent on your sleep hygiene. And now, sleep technology has gone beyond just sleep tracking. Here comes the smart bedroom!

There are mattresses that can be contoured according to your sleep style and controlled with your smartphone. The smart alarm clock will be replacing your traditional blaring alarm clock. This clock can wake you up by simulating a natural sunrise! There are even technologies to shoo away bad dreams. A gadget named sleep guardian helps your child with his nightmares with vibrating pattern(without waking him up). Researchers have even come across a study which suggests that our awake behaviours can be predicted with our sleep patterns. That means the sensors in your bedroom will give you a sleep score considering your sleep and wake times and then predict your “bad days”. In this way, you’ll be able to prepare yourself better for the day. The results could also help plan a better model of care for an individual living in a smart home.

smart bedroom

4) A smart kitchen:

We now live in a world where the fridges are connected to the internet and the cutlery to Bluetooth! Smart kitchens are a thing and it has gone way beyond when compared to a traditional kitchen. There’s even a smart kitchen where no human being is involved – it’s completely autonomous. All you have to do is feed the gigantic robot of a kitchen with the consumables and the recipe and you’ll be greeted with the dish of your choice. That’s what living in the future looks like.

And then there’s a ton of smart gadgets for your kitchen – from a thermometer that is connected with your smartphone through and provided you with accurate temperatures of the meat being cooked in the oven to a smart plate that can analyse the food you intake and alert you if you’re overfeeding yourself with calories. And then there’s the smart garbage can, smart ovens, smart forks etc that justifies the ‘smart’ in your smart kitchen.

smart kitchen

So, it’s not just about the lights. With the technology available right now and the rate at which it is evolving, we’d be living an autonomous life soon. The smart home of the future will be an array of gadgets interconnected with each other through a network – communicating with each other on how to better the lives of its residents!