You’re having a great time with your loved ones. There’s a hot dinner on the table. There’s ambient music in the background and, the lights are set right for a perfect evening. And just when everyone’s about to have a gala, there’s a dreaded powercut! Instant good-mood destroyer!

No one loves a powercut (unless you’re in the mood for some candlelight dinner maybe?). The gadgets we use in our day to day life are pretty much dependent on electricity. And when electricity gives up on us, you feel a like you’re back to the stone age. Not being able to communicate with your friends once the battery of your phone fizzles out, calls for tough times. Our increasingly digital lives mean dealing with darkness and rough weather aren’t our only concerns when the power’s out.

Bengalureans are pretty used to these situations. They’ve been facing power cuts to up to 75 minutes almost every day. Especially when the power cuts are during the night, Bengalureans have faced have sleepless nights! So here are some gadgets you can use to power up while other factors power you down. These devices not only make power outages easier but also creates an environment much more bearable until the electricity comes back. Here’s all that you need:

1) Power bank:
We have become increasingly dependent on a smartphone year on year. With phones featuring more tech every year, most people find it hard to leave their smartphone behind. These smartphones need constant power to keep them running. Powercuts aren’t really friendly with smartphones, hence we have Power banks! These enlarged versions of a rechargeable battery can power a smartphone just like a regular power outlet, maybe a bit slower, but still gets the job done. Initially, power banks were pretty expensive, but due to mass production and heavy competition, the prices have dropped massively. Moreover, advancements in technology have increased the power of these power banks, reduced their size and even made it easier to charge and discharge. A normal 10000 mAh Power bank is good enough to charge your average smartphone thrice completely, before running out of running out of juice.

2) LED Solar Lantern:
Many love the dark, but only until you have to walk out of your bedroom and stumble across something really expensive. You wouldn’t want that, right? Hence, during a power cut, get a solar-powered LED Lantern. When fully charged, this lantern can provide you with 3-4 hours of light. And you can have the ability to charge the lantern in three ways – through USB charging, or through a wall socket or even solar charging. Yep, that’s right, it has an inbuilt solar charger! So the next time there’s a power cut, you’ll have the power of the sun to light up your room. This can also be your contribution to being environmentally friendly.
solar lantern

3) Portable Inverter:
When you want to up your ante with battery backup and puny lights aren’t really your thing, then you need this portable inverter. This portable inverter can also act as a huge rechargeable battery. It can power devices of about 33 watts for up to 2 hours and 15 minutes. It has 2 LED lights and two 2-pin sockets and one 3-pin socket for AC supply providing power to LED bulbs, charging the mobile phone, Table lamp etc. Each socket is controlled with its individual switch makes load independent from other. You can also charge it through a regular home output plug and also charge it with a solar panel. One more feather to your nature-friendly hat.

portable inverter for electricity
4) Hand crank Dynamo:
This is your resort when you run out of all sources of electricity after a power outage.  This self-powered hand crank dynamo can power a lot of things. This nifty little device can work as an FM/AM radio, LED flashlight and even power your smartphone. This multi-talented device can also work without charging this device i.e. by the power of its inbuilt dynamo. A minute of cranking the device lets you play the radio for 5 minutes, provide you with 30 minutes of continuous torchlight and 5 minutes of phone talk time. If you don’t want to crank the device all the time, you can charge it by an external output or even charge it through solar power.

Hand crank dynamo
5) Board games:
Powercuts are the perfect times to bring the families together. When there are no technological interventions, you bring out the board games. No matter the age, board games are inarguably the best times to spend together with your loved ones. Fight over those +4’s in that UNO game, find your future in the ‘Game Of Life’ or become a business tycoon with Monopoly – be it any game, fun times are guaranteed! So, power cuts become a blessing in disguise this way.

board games

There you have it, your guide to surviving a no-electricity nightmare. Here’s to happy times and more.