Smart homes enable users to connect, control and monitor all the devices and information at home through their smartphone. With smart homes, the environment is served, the devices add glamour to the house as well as perform its function. The future homes will be head to toe automated, thanks to the discovery of smart devices.

1. Smart homes are beyond lighting automation:

Home automation has swiftly made a shift from wired to wireless systems. A smart home is not just about having a smart lighting system it consists of smart TVs, Smart Light Bulbs, Smart Thermostats that come with integrated Wi-Fi,  Smart Locks, Smart Security Cameras, Smart Bathrooms, Smart pet feeders, Smart coffee makers, Smart refrigerators, Smart household system monitors and the list will continue in the near future.

2. A promising innovation; no need of servant:

Whether it is a television or any other electronic devices like washing machines or air-conditioners, everything works as per our instructions, given on Smartphone. This brings great comfort to the working people as they can save their time and energy after they come home. Smart Homes will be more energy efficient in future and thus will cut down the extra expenses spent on a maid. Penny saved is a penny earned, isn’t it?

3. AI Powered:

Imagine a scenario you are on your way back home from the office and within a certain distance from your home, the system detects your arrival. In response, the ac changes its cooling to the preferred temperature, unlocks your door, and as you enter the home it’ll turn on the lights, pull up the curtains, play your favourite music and start brewing your coffee.

Amazing right? That’s the future of home automation! A centralized AI driven system that will take care of almost all our daily chores by simple instructions, almost like J.A.R.V.I.S. from Iron Man movie, an intelligent AI system developed by Tony stark that helped in managing everything, especially technology through voice command.

4. Affordable:

Home automation has for long been the sole domain of the ultra-rich. But we are now at a stage where anyone can afford to have automated homes, customise it according to their needs and budgets. In India, with the boom in the realty sector, many are opting to add automated elements to their new properties.

5. Energy Efficient:

Energy saving is not only essential for our pockets but also for our planet. While purchasing home appliances we always check their energy efficiency but what about the times when they are not in use but still drain energy and raise the electricity bill? It is commonly known as “Vampire energy”. But due to smart AI-powered Home automation can reduce energy consumption and carbon footprints by controlling smart thermostats, smart plugs, and automated lighting sensors. Smart Homes will be more energy conservative in future.

So next time you forgot to switch off the lights, no worries! The smart AI home automation system will take care of it.