We use many appliances at home that consume a significant amount of electricity. It is estimated that more than 50% of the energy is spent on heating and cooling our homes. Home automation solutions help you analyze electricity consumption at home and cut down the bills.

Using the best home automation solution in Mumbai can help you save on electricity bills by cutting energy waste and power outages. You will be able to take care of your energy consumption effectively and save the environment.

In a developing bustling metropolitan like Mumbai, increased consumption of power and electricity is nothing new. According to The Times of India, the growing conurbation recorded a sharp increase in power consumption, with a demand of 3,375 MW. That said one can only fathom the amount of energy being wasted in Mumbai to run its infrastructure and business substructures.

Mumbai is a large marketplace and therefore hundreds of home automation companies are available in different regions right from western suburbs, central suburbs to even Navi Mumbai and Thane. Here are the ways in which home automation companies in Mumbai help you cut down electricity bills.

Install motion sensors

Motion sensor lightings are gaining immense popularity in homes, and for the right reason. Not only are they low-priced and easy to install, but they can also conserve energy, apart from offering added security and safety to homes.

These lights are a great investment for newly built homes and apartments. The internal mechanism of motion sensors make it run on a time delay, therefore a person does not have to worry about turning on lights as they will either go off or dim on their own without using much electricity.

Equipped with modern technology, these lights have the ability to illuminate only when it senses movement, thereby saving up to 65% of electricity. Unlike normal lights, the classy motion sensor lights come in different forms matching the architecture of the buildings or houses in Mumbai.

Motion sensor lighting is the best way to cut down electricity cost in the community. You can save around 15%-20% on your electricity bill by replacing traditional lights with motion sensor lighting. Many commercial and residential buildings in Thane and Navi Mumbai are integrated with motion detectors to economize energy consumption.  

Schedule home appliances

Load shedding has become a common occurrence in many parts of Mumbai and is the major cause of inconvenience to citizens especially during the summers and monsoon. The problem with load shedding is that one never knows when it might occur. They are unplanned and one can never estimate how long the power can be gone.

Therefore, it is important than ever to take preventive measures to prevent load shedding. Home automation can help you overcome load shedding by scheduling different appliances at home. When the load goes above the threshold value for any particular appliance, automatic switching should be carried out. Home automation allows you to schedule the home appliances to switch on/off when the load is more or less.

Use smart grids

The conventional transmission system that is used to gather and disseminate electric power, for long, has been questioned by renowned economists and environmentalists. Given the overdependence of the entire world on essential commodities such as oil – which is the main constituent of energy waste in association with the electric system, the development of a smart grid is being touted as the next major invention.

Many homes across Mumbai have recently begun coupling their smart electricity meters with smart grids to check and regulate power supply to each appliance. According to the Make In India initiative of the government, smart power grid projects have already been implemented in Mumbai and is most likely to conclude by 2021.

Additionally, the demand response technology of smart grid helps you schedule all the appliances in such a way that the electricity meter will optimize hourly energy consumption. Saving electricity doesn’t mean giving up the usage of home appliances, but not using them when you don’t require them.

What is unique about smart grids is that it can adjust to extreme weather conditions, thus reducing expensive shutdowns. For instance, if it rains heavily in Mumbai, a smart grid would ensure that electricity remains consistent. This can be a blessing to many people who work from home or run a business.

Bottom Line

A fully automated home in Mumbai has the ability to transform lives by making routine life comfortable, and also synchronizing the usage of items that consume more power. With smart items in place, you will also be able to check which home appliance is consuming more electricity and how to regulate the same. Mumbai is indeed becoming the future of smart homes and also an epitome of development for other cities to follow.

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