Mumbai – a city which delves deep inside the hearts of the people who live in it. The fast-paced life needs an equally fast-paced living. Smart home does the trick, but there aren’t many who have adopted this smart lifestyle. So here are the reasons why Mumbaikars must opt for a smart home in this day and age:

1) Convenient for the bustling city:
The dynamic city needs everything instantly. A smart home lets you program all your smart products to your specific needs. Coffee at 9 AM to TV at 7 PM, everything is under your control. Plus, you can control your home no matter where you are.


2) Work smart, not hard:

Why travel during the rush hour in all the crowd and traffic when you can convert your house into one smart office!? With automated coffee machines and microwavable notebooks that provide you with fresh writing space when you ‘heat’ them, there are a lot of gadgets that can make for a smart office at work.

work smart

3) Breathe better:

With the scales on the pollution meter tipping towards hazardous levels, it’s better for Mumbaikars to invest in an air purifier. Devices like Dyson Pure makes it easy to breathe again.

breathe better

4) The bustling city needs entertainment:

Being able to play music just with one voice command, turning your house into a theatre everytime you want to watch a movie and more – all of this is possible with a home automation system. Mumbaikars can up the entertainment game by adopting smart homes


5) Party harder:

Nanoleaf’s Aurora and Philips’s Hue lighting systems can change the look of your rooms completely. Mumbai’s nightlife just got a whole lot brighter with these brilliant smart lights.


6) Better safe than sorry:

Keep your worries at bay with smart sensors that can notify you about the dangers. Mumbaikars live life on the edge and these Smoke alarms, motion detectors, night vision cameras etc can help you secure your house better.


7) High alert!:

Did you lock your door when you left the house? Is there someone lurking around the garden? Is someone trying to intrude your house? All these questions are answered with smart security systems. Smart door locks, surveillance systems, motion detecting flood lights etc can keep the thieves and lurkers at bay. Mighty handy for Mumbai!


8) Save on bills:

Save up on your electricity bills by monitoring what devices are consuming more power and optimising them. Home automation systems help you get statistics and reports based on the energy consumption around the house and help you save up on bills and indirectly help the environment. Perfect for the Mumbaikars!

energy savings

9) A helping hand for the elderly:

Elderlies need a helping hand and technology provides you with one. Home monitor systems, fall detecting sensors, location trackers etc help you keep an eye on the elderlies and help them live a peaceful life. This makes the life of the elderlies in Mumbai a lot easier.


10) Investment for the future:

Smart homes are the future. So isn’t it better to invest in the future right now? Make for a better living today and have a great tomorrow!