With one-third of Americans admitting that they don’t clean the house for up to three weeks, there has to be a better way. The Roomba robotic vacuum is one of the best tools to make it easier; able to do the boring floor cleaning while you work or play.

Introducing Roomba and how it can benefit your home

Roomba is a popular brand of smart vacuum cleaner. The range of modern day robots provide cleaning around the home and under furniture, with no wires and minimal human effort. They cost from $250 for the entry level 600 model all the way up to $900 for the latest 900 series.

Designed as a round, low-height, vacuum with spinning arms to gather dust and powerful suction to suck it up, the Roomba droid cleans your floor without you having to do anything, except empty the dustbin from time to time. They can smartly navigate your floor, getting rid of dust, fluff and fur quickly and efficiently. They also return to their base unit and recharge when running low on battery, and can avoid stairs and other obstacles.

If you have an early-model Roomba, you can upgrade it without buying a new one using the RooWiFi kit (http://www.roowifi.com/). This easy-to-install gadget adds WiFi connectivity and lets you use an app to create a cleaning schedule or operate the Roomba wherever you happen to be.

roomba top view

Roomba robots have a circular design to get around a room in the most efficient manner.

Source: irobot.com

Roomba benefits: making your home cleaner and reducing the risk of injury

Scientists recommend cleaning the most-used floors of a home at least one a day, and other areas at least weekly. The Roomba range of robotic vacuums and floor mops are an increasingly popular way of automating the job, reducing the stress and boredom that can be caused be endless cleaning. They are also more effective at cleaning than traditional floor mops and brooms, which tend to just move the dust around, surely it is easier to automate your cleaning?

Roomba not only cleans, it can make your home healthier. The robots come with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. These remove allergens and pollens from the floor or carpets to make your home safer and more pleasant to live in. This can be a vital benefit for those with asthma or other respiratory conditions.

Since they also fit under most furniture, they also save people with poor mobility or bad backs from having to bend down or move the furniture, or reach under with a broom and stops dust bunnies from building up. Also, if you have pets, a Roomba makes the atmosphere more pleasant for visitors who are allergic to pet hair.

If a Roomba detects more dirt in one place, say where a pet sleeps on a rug, then it can make several passes over that area to make sure it gets all the fluff. That flexibility makes a robotic vacuum great for older people who have trouble bending or getting around their home, prevent pain and possible injury making a Roomba an amazing, almost magical gift for relatives. A Roomba is also less likely to cause injury to children, who often get their hands burnt or fingers broken when fiddling with traditional models.

Robotic vacuums work best on hard floors or rugs. Using smart sensors, they will avoid furniture and walls, while spinning cleaners will reach out to the edges of any room. And, when a Roomba is running low on battery power, it automatically navigates back to the charger, so you don’t need to keep an eye on it.

If you want to keep it out of a particular room, or prevent it from falling down the stairs, you can set boundaries for it, using virtual walls that define the room or space where it can clean, and where it should avoid.

roomba under the hood machinery

Under the hood of a Roomba

Source: irobot.com

Roomba saves on your energy bill thanks to its built-in smartness

The Roomba has a lot of smart features, such as how it hunts for dust. Sensors will detect when  the cleaner is in a large space, it cleans in a spiral movement, but when it detects more dirt, will focus on that area, before going back to the spiral. It learns how to most effectively cover the room or area it is in, saving more time, effort and power in future.

The process may look crazy to people watching a Roomba at first, but the point is to go to work and have some fun, not stare at it. You don’t watch your laundry going round and round, so just let the Roomba get on with its job, it really knows what it is doing.

roomba cat

Your Roomba can also make a fun toy for your pet

The 900 series also come with a iRobot Home App so you can take control of the Roomba wherever you are, setting it to clean before you come home or guests arrive. An additional benefit of a Roomba is that its efficient battery-powered operation saves energy over time, with the cleaner only using the power needed to remove dirt the area it is working on.

If dirt is ground in, it will use more power, whereas most traditional cleaners are on full power all the time.  It also works with Google Home, so you can control it via your voice, so if you get a phone call while a Roomba is working, you can say “Ok Google, ask Roomba to pause vacuuming.” and it will stop.

See how Roomba uses smart technology to keep a home clean

The Roomba is perfect for people in a small apartment or home. In larger properties with lots of carpets, Roombas are not quite the perfect solution to home cleaning, but their time, effort and power saving does outweigh the few drawbacks of most models.

Some Caveats

Some common complaints are that they do have a tiny bin compared to traditional or cyclone vacuums, so need to be cleaned out more often. However, if you have a bag-style vacuum, at least there’s no more having to replace the dusty old bag.

Other things to watch out for are wires, curtain or blind cords that may lie on the floor, these can all be swallowed by a Roomba and cause it to get stuck or even break down. However, for most homes, a Roomba is a brilliant addition that frees up your time and means less dust devils drifting around your home.

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