Mumbai – a city who’s always on its toes. Always hustling and bustling, Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. And Mumbaikars resonate the same personality.

When you live in Mumbai, you need a home which makes your busy life feel a lot simpler. A home which makes you feel comfortable, secure and dynamic! A home is more than just pretty colours and a prime location. A home should make you feel at peace, less stressed and relaxed – especially in Mumbai.

A decade back, the thought of incorporating intelligent devices in our homes seemed like a daunting idea.  But now, everyone is welcoming The Jetsons lifestyle – a home infused with technology which makes for an easier living. People are slowly adopting the ‘house of the future’ and staying ahead of the curve. Mumbai needs a home that’s more than just 4 walls. Mumbai needs a smart home and here’s what we think would be the ideal smart home for a Mumbaikar in the 21st Century.

1) A home which provides the utmost comfort:

Living in a home with multiple rooms sounds luxurious until you have to walk up to every window and turn the blinds up – manually. That’s a lot of physical work if you do not have a smart home automation system installed. There are many companies in home automation which provides solutions that help you do most of your household chores with just a touch of a button on your smartphone, or even just with your voice. Convenience is the key with smart homes and comfort is what comes with these automated solutions. A Mumbaikar would love to be in his chair at the end of the day, closing all blindfolds from his phone, instead of engaging in an evening walk around the house!


2) A home which provides a sense of security:

With rising crime rates and thefts around the city, let technology cocoon you with a sense of security. When a Mumbaikar is in a hurry (which he often is), he’d often forget to lock the door or might leave a window open. But when his home is equipped with a home automation system, he can receive alerts about these protocols. A smart home even allows a person to lock the entire house with one touch of a button.


3) A home which makes you feel safe:

When a Mumbaikar invests in a smart home, he’s basically investing in a good night’s sleep, knowing that all kinds of technological sorcery have got his back. Motion sensing cameras and floodlights can alert you of lurkers around your house. Biometric door locks will make it impossible for thieves to break-in. Baby monitors will always have an eye on your toddlers. Technology has become a shield around us.


4) A home that saves you money and the environment:

Who wouldn’t love to save money!? The always-busy Mumbaikars often forget to switch off electronics before leaving the house and WHAM, one hefty electricity bill delivered to them at the end of the month. Hence, smart home solutions provide you with alerts, notifications and reports on which gadget is sapping on your power, which device was on the most etc – basically a summary. With this, you can monitor your electricity usage and in the end, save money and in turn, save precious electricity! Smart home devices are smart enough to switch itself off when it detects that there’s no one in the room – a smart bulb for instance. What a time to live in, right?

energy saving

5) A home, which turns into a party place on Friday nights:

Oh, Mumbaikars love to party! And when there’s a house party, get your smart home all turnt up! Smart light wall panels and smart bulbs can change the ambience of the room entirely. Smart speakers can go boom-boom and turn up the music. Smart drink dispensers mean, there’ll no mess in the end. And if you want to avoid those party poopers, enable your guests with a code which can be used to enter your house through your smart door locks. Sounds like a pretty awesome party already!


6) A home, which helps you stay healthier:

With rising pollutions, it has become difficult to catch a breath in Mumbai. The air is getting toxic, the waters are getting murkier and there’s plastic everywhere! But smart homes help you get back at this too. Air purifiers can help you breathe better – detoxifying the air and cleansing the environment inside your home. Smart garbage cans can distinguish between bio-degradable and non-recyclable waste and sort it accordingly. There are devices that can turn your everyday waste into manure – all without creating a fuss.


Mumbai needs a smart home. It’s time to make the switch. It’s time to stop living in the past and live in the future. It’s time for a change.