Smart homes have become synonyms to the term – comfortable. The comfort is in by the technology that smart homes bring in. With every aspect handled by this technological revolution, smart homes have made it easier for the common masses to live in utmost harmony sans the chaos, stress and physical efforts.

But as we look into the technology offered by smart homes, it has mainly been into development in the kitchen sector of things. Today, it is easier than ever to bake a cake – thanks to the preloaded recipes and the smart ovens. You can even experiment yourself with new dishes with step-by-step guidance provided by new digital assistants. Also, there are many more smart gadgets available in the market today that can help you live a better life. But the true potential of smart homes is yet to be sapped. Technology is evolving, smart devices are getting smarter and here we are listing all the possibilities that can be tuned with smart homes:

1) Security and privacy concerns:

We have shared our digital footprint for convenience. With smart home technology, we are sharing our physical footprint. Smart homes have been evolving to secure ourselves. From detecting lurkers around the house to shutting the whole house down when there’s an anomaly, smart homes are upping the security game as a whole. And all the data shared with smart homes stay within the home itself, there’s no third-party involved. Such blatant privacy concerns can be avoided since you have to provide smart homes with data to receive data. Addressing security and privacy will become a fundamental concern that will shape this industry and for the people to adopt this technology further.


2) Advanced Artificial Intelligence:

AI has been the talk-of-the-town in the recent years. AI has enabled technologies to go completely automated. Artificial Intelligence has proved to be a boon when it comes to going completely autonomous. AI can be used to automate threat detection and maybe more proactively alert us if something goes awry through constant video surveillance. AI can also help order your favourite drink through your smart fridge as soon as you finish your existing stock. AI can help set the temperatures inside your house at comfortable levels when you enter your house by learning your day-to-day activities and adjusting it accordingly. All these activities do seem like a boon for an average consumer.

Advanced AI

3) An emotional AI:

AI’s may acquire the ability to learn a person’s emotion. The cluster of devices will be able to know more about an individual’s emotional state. And then this data will be utilised to adjust the devices around the person according to his emotional state. This emotional artificial intelligence will be becoming more and more sophisticated down the years. Let’s say, by 2049, an AI will be able to tell you “everything you want to hear” and show you “everything you want to see” based on your personality and experiences. Research suggests, by 2020, more than 60% of the devices will be embedded with artificial intelligence to enhance functionality and services.

emotional AI

4) Smart open spaces:

Naturally, when everything inside the house undergoes a change, people would like a change on the outside too. Smart pool lights that turn on as soon as you step in it, or walk on the pathway, Floodlights that can detect motion and turn on whenever there’s a movement, automatically opening garage doors etc are just simple ideas on the outside of your house that can help make for an easier living. So, that’d be smart on the inside and smart on the outside too!

smart open spaces

5) Advanced voice integration:

Touchscreens were a breakthrough a decade back. Now advanced voice recognition and integration is the thing! You don’t even have to touch a screen to operate a device as your voice can do the trick. But we are still at a stage where you’ll be required a keyword to activate your assistant. Though, after a couple of years, advanced AI will enable us to speak to the virtual assistant as if you’re speaking a person in another room! That day isn’t really far.

voice integration

Home technology should not just be able to wake up to a piping hot cup of joe. Home technology should also be able to wake you up with the sun shining down on your face as the blinders open as soon as your alarm rings. Then you are greeted by a voice that provides you with all the information – weather, schedule, news etc – getting you ready for the day. And thereby, automating simple things to create a comfortable environment. Smart homes will be a nest for those who seek solace within the technology!