With a blink of the eye, another year goes by! And here comes the holiday season. Christmas and New year mean there will be ample holidays in the coming days. And holidays mean vacation time. And we understand how much do you crave for a vacation.

This time of the year, everyone is jetting across the country to grab some ‘me time’! That means every mainstream vacation hotspots will be crowded as heck. But don’t let the crowd ruin your only good vacation after a long time. Here are some nifty gadgets that’ll help you make the best of your trip without compromising on enjoyment.

1) Waterproof phone cover:

How many times had you wished for a waterproof phone so you could get yourself some nice underwater photographs? We understand your feels. Being able to click photographs and take videos underwater is something that not everyone is able to do. Only the ones blessed with IP68 certified smartphones and GoPro’s with waterproof cases can do so. That’s why here’s a product that can make you an underwater photographer. All you’ll need to do is get this smartphone cover and you’re good to go! The Tarkan IPx8 Waterproof smartphone cover can be submerged in waters up to 10 metres deep. The clear pouch makes it easy for clicking pictures and capturing videos. And its locking mechanism makes sure all the water stays out to keep your phone dry. Now you know what you need to take your photography to ‘deeper’ levels.

2) Hotspot + Power bank:

If you’re out for an adventurous vacation, say trekking on the mountains amongst the wild, the most common problem you’d face will be lack of a proper internet connection. Adding to that problem will be lack of electricity too! Though you’d love a detox during the vacation, you’d be left with no juice on your phone to take and share beautiful memories. So instead of carrying two different devices for an internet hotspot and a power bank, you can get yourself this Wireless router cum power bank from Micromax. Its Wifi capabilities let you connect 32 devices at the same time, that means you and your friends can share photos and videos together. Also, the 4400 mAh power bank makes sure you don’t run out of juice in the wild. And this device can fit easily inside your back pocket. Efficient, right?

3) Kindle Paperwhite:

The joy of reading a book on the hammock by the beach while the sun shines down – sounds like a bliss, right? But since you’re a bookworm and you managed to finish the only book you brought for the vacation means you’re out of entertainment for the rest of the vacation? Not really! You need to get hold of the Kindle Paperwhite – a device which is powerful enough to replace your entire library. The new Kindle is now sleeker and lighter than ever, so it won’t weigh as much as your books. That means you can travel light easily. Its ample storage and great battery life mean you go on and on with your book for long. And the new generation of Kindle is waterproof too, that means an occasional dip or two won’t stop you from completing those murder mysteries!

4) Instant water purifier:

Global travelling, outdoor adventures, emergency preparedness, hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing, survival – if any one of these activities is your forte, you need this magical gadget. The GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier is a state-of-the-art device capable of transforming almost any tap or clear natural water source into pure drinking water in just 15 seconds. And it’s really simple to use too – all you have to do is – Fill. Press. Drink! There’s no need for sucking, squeezing, pumping, prolonged waiting, ultraviolet bulbs, or batteries. And it can purify the water of 99.99% of the viruses – so germophobes, this is the goblet you were searching for. And the cartridge inside is good for 300 refills, that means, it’s pretty handy.

5) Smart Luggage:

So, your travel bag can only carry your essentials? That’s it? That’s so old school! It’s 2018 and you need to get your hands on the Bluesmart One – a smart luggage with inbuilt GPS, power bank, weighing scale and what not! The Bluesmart carry-on is the first suitcase to connect wirelessly to your smartphone so you can stay charged, tracked, locked, and underweight. Our charging dock, with two USB ports, lets you power your phone up to six times so you never have to crowd around an airport outlet again. A built-in SIM card lets you know where your bag is via GPS / 3G, anywhere in the world, for free. The scale is conveniently built into the handle so you find the weight of your belongings simply by picking it up. You can also remotely lock the bag or set it to auto-lock in case you get separated from it. That’s how you can smartly travel.

So before you head out for your vacation, make sure you are smartly equipped!