Automate your smart devices to work together to perform a unique task. Here are the top home automation ideas to get started.     

Add multi-colored lights

Smart Lighting can set up the mood for any occasion. Whether it is Halloween party or anniversary, you can use smart light bulbs to showcase multi-color effect along walkways or behind the cabinets. Change color of lighting quickly from your smartphone app or schedule scenes and change colors throughout the event to surprise guests.

Use motion sensors

Use of motion sensors to make your party unpredictable. You can trigger a skittish sound when someone walks around a particular area. If you have a fog machine, you can schedule it to fill the room with fog at different instances. This way you can save energy when the room is empty. If you want to create a truly awesome experience, make sure to connect the devices with different sensors.

Make Amazon Alexa your assistant

Make voice control an important part of your party planning. Whether it is setting scenes or scheduling timers, you can make parties interactive and fun. You can set a timer for your smart plug – if you know when your guests are arriving and leaving. You don’t have to bother about these little tasks – as Amazon Alexa is there to help you.

Amazon Alexa as party planning assistant

Amazon Alexa as party planning assistant

Image source – Al Trends

Maintain the temperature of the food

You can connect the coffee maker, oven, crock pots etc to Wi-Fi to make sure that the food is at a perfect temperature. If the coffee is getting too hot for the guests, turn it off from your smartphone without stepping into the kitchen. Similarly, you can automate the oven to bake some cookies or cakes.   

I hope you have found some interesting home automation ideas you haven’t thought of before. Most of these ideas were beyond imagination a couple of years ago. Today, you can achieve all these with the help of home automation technology. Hire a home automation consultant to figure out how the home automation products go together.


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