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Roomba e5

 49,900.00  41,000.00

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The Wi-fi connected Roomba e5 is optimised with powerful pick-up technology that makes cleaning easy. Coupled with intelligent sensors and an advanced navigation system, Roomba e5 will have your home clean in no time


The Roomba e5 works seamlessly on wifi. Superior pick-up technology can clean floors every day. The suction strength is 5x stronger and the high -efficiency filter cleans dirt, dust and pet hair effortlessly. The Edge-sweeping brush keeps the corners and edges dirt-free. Coupled with smart navigation sensors and Dirt detect technology, Roomba can clean your entire house easily. Pair it with Alexa and you can use your voice to command Roomba to clean your house. It can even automatically dock itself and recharge, after cleaning.



  • Power-lifting suction makes sure all the dirt and debris and even the dust is swept up
  • Powered by a suite of intelligent sensors
  • It can automatically adapt to heights to clean carpets and floors.
  • It can recognise areas with high-traffic of dirt and focus more on those areas.
  • The 3-Stage Cleaning System attacks everything from small particles to large debris on your carpets and hard floors.
  • Edges along the walls and corners are cleaned with the specially-designed Edge-Sweeping brush.
  • The washable dustbin makes it easier to clean and rise the dirt and debris away
  • The lithium-ion battery can run up for 90 minutes and then automatically dock itself to recharge
  • Virtual Wall Mode keeps your robot in the rooms you want to be cleaned and out of the ones you don’t
  • Halo Mode keeps your robot away from items you want it to avoid.



Charge Time – 3 hours

Filter Type – High-Efficiency

Battery Type – Lithium-Ion

Bin Volume – 0.6 liter

Bin Type – Washable

Threshold Clearance – 2 cm

Retail box Dimensions (cm) – 12.9 cm x 41 cm x 51 cm

Master Carton Dimensions (cm) – 42.9 cm x 14.5 cm x 54 cm

Retail Box Weight (kg) – 5.2 kg

Master Carton Weight (kg) – 5.3 kg

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