It is an ultra-light battery device that uses chemical and temperature sensors to ensure maximum protection. The sensor detects CO present in the air and alarms you in case if the level exceeds the limit. Fibaro CO sensor alarms via a siren and blinking LED. Some of the features of this device are – alarm siren, compact housing, z-wave network security mode, built-in temperature sensor, wireless technology etc.

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The dangers of CO can appear in your house even if you are away from the home. This sensor will let you know about the danger wherever you are. You will always have instant access to the information with Fibaro apps. You can place it near the garage, outside sleeping areas, living room etc. Make sure to keep it away from the fireplace as it causes false readings.

fibaro co sensor

Fibaro CO Sensor

Fibaro is one of the reputed European brands in Home Automation. They specialize in giving you an experience of connected living that includes lighting automation, motion sensors, flood sensors, window sensors, intercoms, gateways etc to name a few.  

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