In India, home keys are amongst the most mislaid everyday objects as they are small and can easily slip from our pocket or bag. We all get a panic attack and stress ourselves asking where did it go? Who has it now? Do they know where I live? Will they try to gain access? etc. In reality, even if the key is found by a stranger, they will have to figure out what home out of millions it belongs to.

But, that doesn’t change the fact that losing a key is frightful.

Alas! There is a way to solve this and many more dilemmas associated with the door key by Smart Lock.

No matter your doorstep perplexity, there’s a smart lock for you according to your tech taste. Here are a few smart locks to smarten your front door and make your life simpler and easier.  

(1) Kevo Touch-to-Open Smart Lock:

Kevo Touch-to-Open Smart Lock comes with InHome Locking & Unlocking from your smart device within Bluetooth range of the lock. This single cylinder Bluetooth-enabled deadbolt can also be locked or unlocked by touching the exterior side of the deadbolt, or with a key from the outside.


1. Touch-to-open feature

2. Location detection

3. Voice control with Alexa

4. Key fob and traditional key options

(2) Ultraloq UL3 Keyless Smart Lock

Ultraloq UL3 Bluetooth smart lever lock gives you maximum flexibility and convenience. You can choose between using a fingerprint, code, key or smartphone to unlock.

You can also tap on your phone to open the door, even if it’s in your pocket.


1. Flexible

2. Hidden key

3. Long battery life

4. Solid and resistant

(3) Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen Deadbolt with Z-Wave

The Yale Assure Lock uses Z-Wave technology to work with more than fifty home automation brands. It has an easy-to-use touchscreen keypad that is backlit. You can program and save up to 250 entry codes.


1. Up to 250 unique codes

2. Voice control with Alexa

3. Deadbolt

4. Two backup keys

(4)  2nd Gen August-Smart lock with camera wifi

It easily connects to the wifi. The 2nd Gen August Smart Lock sends warning messages to the users when the battery of the smart lock decreases below a dangerous level. It’s difficult to tamper this lock.  Since the lock does not change the hardware of the door you can use your regular key to enter the house if you forget your phone.


1. Converts your smartphone into a smart key

2. You can share locking codes with your guests or friends and still have the final control over the access

3. Since the lock is powered using batteries, it’s always on even if there is no power

(5) Digital Door Lock from Samsung

This is the most convenient RIM lock Digital Door Lock from Samsung. It has Double-Locking Function, Emergency Battery Terminal, Burglar alarm, Fire Alarm Emergency Door Unlock and many more features.


1. Authentic Samsung Digital Lock

2. Password or RFID Card Identification

3. Add-on Type Lock (Rim Lock)

4. Up to 20 Users Capacity

5. Fire Detection Feature

Whichever smart lock you opt for, leave your worries behind as you step out. Let the smart lock do all the work for you.

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