Yes, the whole purpose of home automation is to enable comfortable living. The sense of empowerment that it gives you – the ability to control all electronic devices in your home from one app – is fabulous and does make one feel exceptionally good. However, one vertical that is often overlooked is that of smart security.  Smart Technology has made it possible to truly up the ante on security. Be it the security of your home, your loved ones, your valuable/precious belongings – security backed by technology has made sleep without worrying about the safety of your loved ones a reality.

In India, a multitude of companies is engaged in the smart security space. Pune based TigerTech Labs is pushing the barriers in this domain by offering truly smart and innovative wireless security solutions

TigerTech Labs - Smart Security with SmarthomeNX

                TigerTech Labs


TigerTech – The Security Masters

At the core of TigerTech, the company is its aim to enable the highest level of security via home automation in the homes of India that have gotten on the smart living bandwagon. TigerTech’s products are specifically designed to fit in any Indian home – whether it is under construction, being renovated or is looking for a quick, easy upgrade. Their security products are designed and configured to work even when there is a power failure or poor/lack of internet connection, making them perfect for our homes/lives.

There are a plethora of products available at various price-points. Therefore, you can pick ones that are of utmost importance to you or pick all, because you want complete end-to-end solutions. Whether it is about monitoring your front door, keeping an eye out on your home and valuables, and or getting instant emergency alerts from your loved ones when they are out and about, Tiger Tech products, work on the plug and play principle, and provide you with instant alerts and security updates on your Smartphone.


1) TigerGuard Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell: 

Gone are the days, where you’ve to go up to the door, peek through the peephole and check who rang your doorbell. TigerGuard Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell has changed the game in this particular space of home automation. This doorbell doubles up as your ‘eyes and ears’, allowing you to see, hear and speak with the visitor at your front door – all from your smartphone! And you can do this when you’re at home, or at the office or on a vacation. This beautiful looking doorbell, weighing a meagre 320gms is compact and neat in design. It has a camera, motion sensor and an intercom phone – all rolled into one.

TigerGuard Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell - Smart Security with SmarthomeNX

               TigerGuard Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell



  • See, hear and speak with the visitor at your door from your smartphone; image resolution 1280*800 + echo cancellation
  • Instant notifications
  • Motion sensors detect suspicious activity at your front door, even if your doorbell isn’t rung
  • Night-vision capabilities
  • Weather-resistant
  • Can be set up in minutes

You can know more about the product & purchase the same, here.


2) TigerEye and TigerEye Pro – The Eye in The Sky

If you have a baby and/or elders at home, it’s natural to be always worried about their safety and security. And while you’ll always want to keep an eye out on them, it’s not practical to do so every single minute of the day.

Enter, TigerEye & TigerEye Pro. 

Both these smart security devices, enable you to view live video-on-demand on your smartphone. The infrared capabilities of the camera allow you to record at night, in absolute darkness. The video-calling feature lets you get in touch with your family regardless of your location. Armed with a 32GB memory card, the TigerEye records up to 7 days of video and pictures.

TigerEye Pro - Monitor - Smart Security with SmarthomeNX

                                          TigerEye Pro

The Baby Monitor version of the TigerEye carries additional smart security features like “Cry” and “Movement” sensors, which send immediate alerts to your phone on sensing the above activity. Additionally, they automatically start video recording if your baby starts crying or is moving/waking up. Similarly, the ‘Seniority’ version of the TigerEye carries special security sensors which can alert you immediately on your phone, whenever there is an untoward incident.

TigerEye Baby Monitor - Smart Security with SmarthomeNX

                                         TigerEye Baby Monitor


There’s one significant difference between the TigerEye & the TigerEye Pro device. The Pro has a battery backup and SIM card capabilities, making it a standalone device. Meaning that this device can work when there is a power cut, thanks to its battery backup and when the Wi-Fi fails, the 4G SIM card can still keep you connected with your near and dear ones. These smart security features make the TigerEye Pro India’s only fail-safe and a fully portable Monitoring camera!

To purchase or know more about these products, you can visit the links below:

Tiger Eye Pro

TigerEye Baby Monitor


3) TigerTrack – The Guardian Angel

What happens when your aged parents step out for a stroll in the evening leaving you worried about their safety? One option would be to go with them (not feasible every-time), another option would be to hire a day-help who can always accompany them (can get very expensive). However, the best smart security option would be to hand them the TigerTrack – a smart wearable tracking device, to keep on them when they step out.

This device can be worn on a chain, placed in pockets or can be kept in bag packs/carry bags. The device is SIM card enabled which can track your loved one’s location and relay their location to your smartphone, 24/7. The device comes with an SOS/Panic button and allows for two-way calling for emergencies.


TigerTech Personal SOS Tracker - Smart Security with SmarthomeNX

    TigerTech Personal SOS Tracker

Did your child leave from school on time? Did your grandfather come back from his evening walk? The TigerTrack puts an end to all the queries by updating you with the location of your loved ones in real-time – clearly, such smart security solutions work for the betterment of all! If you’re worried about them wandering into unknown locations, you can use the Geofencing feature, which creates a “safe zone.” You’ll be notified every time your child or your parents/grandparents enter and exit this “safe zone.” The motion-tracking smart security feature enables the tracker every time he/she is on the move and stops whenever he/she is stationary, thus conserving battery. Talking about the battery, it can last for 4-5 days. The TigerTrack is a pretty little tracker which does a lot more for its size. As the saying goes – size doesn’t matter!


Technology is evolving every second and TigerTech makes the most of it by creating secure environments at affordable prices. Smart Security has never been so accessible before. Better be safe than sorry, right? 

To experience and know more about TigerTech’s security products, you can book a consultation with us.