In today’s age of home automation, there is no reason to spend your precious time brewing coffee or preparing breakfast. You can get up precisely at the time that is right for your body clock. Wouldn’t it be a perfect scenario if the temperature of your home is already set for your morning routine?


Smart Home devices

Smart Home devices

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Smart home automation system makes it possible by giving control of setting the temperature inside your home. Not only this, you can manage all the devices in your home with a single touch on your smartphone so that you aren’t wasting your energy throughout the day.  Here is the list of gadgets that help you speed up your morning routine.

Nest Thermostat

Do you live in a chilly clime and finding it hard to leave your bed. A smart thermostat can activate itself automatically, learning what temperature you like at specific times. Nest Thermostat can be left on auto-pilot or controlled with your phone from any location. You can even turn the temperature up or down with voice command, as it operates with Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Nest Thermostat

Nest Thermostat

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Dyson hair dryer

Want to spend less time brushing your hair? The Dyson hair dryer that comes with a bundle of features gives you an efficient morning routine. The fast stream of air dries your hair quickly. You can even achieve the best technique that works best for your coif. You can find settings that give you the best morning routine.

Google Home

Google Home, the voice-activated assistant keeps you organized throughout the day. You can call your friends, ask it questions, play your music and control your home appliances with the help of this voice assistant. This smart device enables users to speak voice commands to interact with different devices and make their morning routine easier.  


Want to wake up with the aroma of your favourite coffee? iKettle enables you to boil a kettle of hot water for your coffee with just a tap on your smartphone. Remember to fill it up with water the night before. The iKettle can wake you up with alarm emitted from your smartphone, and by the time you enter the kitchen — a kettle full of boiling water is waiting for you.

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