Every month you’re hit with an electricity bill that’s higher than the previous one, and keep wondering about what you can do to take care of it. You’re following your kids around the house, making sure they’ve turned off the lights when they leave a room, given them a countless number of lectures on why they need to save energy, and so on. Well, lucky for us, there is an easy, convenient way to tackle this. Samsung SmartThings serve as an effective way to control the power usage in your home, thereby helping you save on energy bills.

What are SmartThings?

A smart thing is an electronic device that’s usually connected to other devices in your home or office via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and more. By being connected to one another or other regular devices, they can work autonomously with little human intervention. Smart Things have been created to make lives easier by being able to notify you about happenings in your home in the form of suspicious movements, open doors or windows, fans and lights left on, and more. In addition to this, you can control these regular devices from wherever you are through your smartphone or tablet, by connecting them to your Smart Things. Here’s more on how Samsung’s Smart Things can help you live a greener, more convenient life.

Here’s a glimpse of what Samsung’s Smart Things can do for you



  1. Put an end to the unnecessary waste of energy
 After watching your TV shows for the day, you turn off your TV and think that’s that. However, you’re still wasting a lot of unnecessary energy as some electronics consume power even when they’re turned off just by being plugged into your power outlet. So, you may think about removing the plug from the outlet once you’re done using the electronic device, but this may seem to be quite a task as some outlets are behind your couch or are located in places that are difficult to get to. Did you know the amount of electricity being used when appliances are switched off but are left plugged into an outlet is about 1 to 50 watts? 1 watt may seem like very little, but with more than 15 appliances left plugged in you’re wasting more than 15 watts of electricity! And this shows on your high energy bill.  With a Samsung SmartThings Outlet, leaving your devices plugged into outlets, isn’t a problem. These convenient power outlets don’t draw energy from any devices that are plugged into it unless the outlet is on. You also have the liberty of turning them on and off from wherever you are– all you need to do is pick up your smartphone!
Samsung SmartThings Outlet on a wall

The Samsung SmartThings Outlet













Image source: amazon.ca


  1. You can stop worrying about bathroom lights being left on

You find yourself constantly telling your kids to make sure to turn of the lights and fans when they’re leaving a room, and then realize that they never ever seem to follow this rule. After this realization you resort to manning the the switches yourself but give up after a few days as it’s just so unfeasible. With a Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor, you won’t have to worry whether your kids have remembered to turn off the lights when once they’re done using the bathroom, or in fact, any other room in your home. This product detects movement in your home and can trigger lights to turn on and off when anyone enters or leaves a room.


Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor on a table

The useful Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor

Image source: mobilefun.co.uk


  1. Know EXACTLY when you’re laundry’s done

You’ve left clothes in the washing machine and instead of waiting by it for the cycle to finish, you head to another room of your home to get on with some other chores. However, you don’t hear your washing machine after the wash cycle is done, and later realize that it has been unnecessarily left on, and has hence consumed more power. With a Samsung Multipurpose Sensor that can detect and monitor vibrations, you’ll be notified as soon as the wash cycle is done, hence reducing your use of power— all you have to do is place this handy device on your washing machine! This handy Multipurpose sensor can also detect whether doors or windows have been left open (resulting in a lot of cool AC air escaping). We’ve all been in a situation wherein we’ve turned the AC on, but the house doesn’t seem to cool, and then we realize that a door or window has been left slightly open. This can be stopped from happening by placing Samsung’s Multipurpose Sensor on your home’s doors and windows.

Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor with its packaging

The Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor

Image source: shopyourway.com


  1. Save water too!

Ever walked into your basement and found an indoor pool instead? That’s what leakages can do if not detected on time. As of 2014, 2.1 trillion gallons of water is lost each year in the United States due to leaking pipes. You don’t want to contribute to that loss, do you? With a Samsung SmartThings Moisture Sensor that detects water where it shouldn’t be, you’ll be notified via your smartphone immediately. This device is a great way to prevent leaks and also the wastage of water, helping you live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Samsung SmartThings Moisture Sensor near pipes

Know when there’s a leak in your home with Samsung SmartThings Moisture Sensor

Image source: amazon.ca

Now, cut down your electricity bills by buying these Smart Things today. Click here to view our brochure for more energy-saving products like these. You could also visit our Green Living section for more ideas on saving energy and living a greener life.

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