By 2021, there will be more virtual assistants than people in the world.

The popular Amazon Echo Alexa has sold over 8 million in America, providing a growing range of AI services and information.

The Amazon Echo range of AI speakers are one of the most popular smart home devices. Talking to them using the Alexa virtual assistant, she understands our requests and can respond to them, from playing music, setting alarms or ordering groceries.

The original Echo model was rather expensive, but the smaller $49 Amazon Echo Dot model is available to all. It makes a great way to set alarms for whatever people typically need reminders for, such as social functions, appointments and visitors. Helping manage those alarm settings is the useful Amazon Echo Alexa app, which can help adjust them if there are several to set up, or refine existing alerts.

amazon echo always on reminder schedule

Amazon Echo connects to many different services, making itself more useful over time


Use the Amazon Echo Alexa app to control reminders, timers and alarms

Amongst other things that an Echo can do, you can set daily alarms in an easy way by just asking Alexa to remind you rather than taking notes or setting it manually on your phone. It is a great way to create reminders to alert you to pick up something when you step out or adding stuff to your shopping list by simply using your voice; and the device’s app helps manage and modify them.

In a busy home, there is always a deadline, an important time or event that someone needs to be ready for. Alexa can provide two ways of providing an alert to ensure you or a family member doesn’t miss one of those times.

Say “Alexa, set a reminder for 30 minutes” or however long you have, and she will create an alarm that will go off at the appropriate time. You can also specify what the event is, such as “football practice”, or take the lasagne out of the oven, if you have a long list of reminders to manage.

But if that wasn’t enough, the Amazon Echo Alexa app can help you control, add to, refine and delete alarms to ensure they remain current. With the app, you can set the time, the level of repetition, what sound or music is played, choose a volume level and turn them on or off as needed to keep the house under control. You can also set alarms when you’re away from home which is useful when something important like a child’s school meeting or social event comes up.

The Echo can help you get organized in other ways too. If you use Google Calendar, this can be synchronized to Alexa to provide alerts for the events already on your calendar. And, if you stray out of hearing your Echo, then the alarm can also be played on your phone to ensure you don’t miss one.

amazon echo alexa app - reminder

The (Amazon Echo) Alexa app helps manage alarms wherever you are


How does the Amazon Echo (Alexa) work?

Amazon Echo devices come with a ring of microphones built in that listen out for your voice across a room. Once the device hears her name, it records the command and uses artificial intelligence and Amazon’s cloud servers to understand what you are asking, which is why it needs to be connected to your WiFI to work.

There are hundreds of Skills that you can add to the Echo to work with specific apps, such as ordering goods from Amazon, pizza from Dominos, calling an Uber taxi and so on. They can also help it control Smart home devices, or link to media services including Spotify, radio stations and much more.

But helping you and your family in your daily life is how Amazon Echo gains stickiness and has an impact around the home.

Setting the alarm with the app can make the process easier to manage

Alexa provides a range of fun themes for your alerts including the “Grand Tour” team and other celebrities that make your alarms memorable.

Setting an alarm with Alexa takes literally a couple of seconds, and controlling them through the app makes sure there is a central place from where you can manage them. You can stack up as many alerts as you wish, they are flexible and easy to adjust, and are just a part of Alexa’s growing range of skills.

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