The idea of fully automated smart home is not a gimmick anymore. The revolution in IoT has brought a swift flow of innovative smart home products that is making home automation live up to its promises and making our lives easy.
A Fibaro enabled smart home is all about utility and proficiency. The various smart home solutions from Fibaro provide a comprehensive intelligent environment which adapts to the needs of the entire family. There is a plethora of most technologically advanced products from Fibaro that include sensors, actors, remotes, intercom and gateways which provide 24hrs vigilance, ensure safety and security, curb the energy usage and can be remotely controlled while securing all the data. Compact and sleek in design these devices are easy to install and once connected to the Z- Wave they perform seamlessly.

What’s in Store

Fibaro motion Sensor
It detects motion and vibration, reports light levels and monitors temperature. Packed with lot of advanced technology, the system uses object recognition to avoid false alarms. The motion sensor also alerts you in case of an earthquake. Compact and small in design it is round in shape and has an eye like appearance.

Motion Sensor: Senses Motion, Light and Temperature effectively

Fibaro Motion Sensor

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Fibaro Flood Sensor
Detecting a leak has never been so simple. Creatively designed like a water droplet, it detects water leaks very effectively in your home. Upon detecting a leak, a system equipped with electrovalves will close off the water supply to minimize damage.

Fibaro Flood sensor smartly detects leaks at home

Fibaro Flood sensor for leak detection

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Fibaro Door/Window Sensor
lets you know about every door/window that is left open accidentally or when there is an attempt of burglary or intrusion. It sends a quick notification to your smartphone thereby alerting you. It lets you have your peace of mind when you are away for work or on vacation.

Fibaro Door / Window Sensor comes with several safety features that keep you safe

Fibaro Door / Window Sensor

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Fibaro CO Sensor
To take care of your wellbeing, Fibaro has this unique Carbon monoxide sensor that alerts you even when there is a slight increase in the CO level in your home. It works seamlessly even when it is not connected to the system.

Fibaro CO sensor protects from harmful Carbon Monoxide gases at home

Fibaro CO Sensor sends alarm when there is a rise in CO level at home

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Smoke Sensor
The smoke sensor which also acts as a Fire Alarm ensures the safety of your loved ones and your home. The optical sensor and built-in temperature sensor detect fire at an early stage. To prevent false alarms, you can adjust the sensitivity of the smoke detectors for various rooms like kitchen, baby room, garage etc.

Fibaro Smoke Sensor safeguards from fire

Fibaro Smoke Sensor detects smoke and fire

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Wall plug
You may be miles away but can still control the devices at home from your smartphone with the help of Fibaro wall plugs. These smart plugs also act as the energy monitor and protect from voltage fluctuations.

Fibaro Smart Wall Plug allows control over devices connected to it when you are away from home

Fibaro Smart Plug for all electrical appliances

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Heat Controller
Fibaro’s heat controller is considered as the most intelligent thermostat. It works on multiple radiators and provides superior operational control. Precise temperature measurement, adaptive self-programming and innovative heating zone management which you can remotely control are its pioneering features.

Fibaro Heat Controller controls heating in every room

Fibaro Heat Controller provides efficient heating management for your home

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This smart doorbell has amazing sound quality and provides you a 180 degree high definition camera with night vision. Placed at the gate or the front door, it shows whoever is at your door. Even when you are away from home it sends you alerts and lets you answer the doorbell remotely. It always safeguards your home like a guardian spirit.

Fibaro Intercom lets you answer the doorbell even when you are away

Fibaro Intercom is a smart doorbell that every home needs

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The Fibaro Button is a small battery powered device that can act as a switch for your connected smart devices and also as a button to call for help in an emergency. It is a boon for the elderly, the children, and sick people at home. Small is size it can be placed anywhere. Fibaro recognizes six different actions and lets you use various combinations of clicks to control different appliances and electronics in your home. In an emergency, you may not have the time to search for your phone and call for help. Placed in a convenient position it gets you the help you need in no time. These buttons can be placed in different discreet areas in your home that only you can identify.

Fibaro’s Button gives the control in your hand

Fibaro’s Button manually activates/deactivates any smart device

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Fibaro Smart Home Solutions

Fibaro’s intelligent home solutions for every need

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