Being physically involved in simple activities like turning on the switches and controlling the volume of the speaker sounds so 19th century already! Voice assistants are all the rage right now. Well, who wouldn’t like to have an assistant, right? A virtual assistant, who’d get the job done for you instead of you indulging in some manual labour, so cool no!?Tony Stark has Jarvis, and you have Wizhom.

Toyama Wizhom - Tgate


1) Lights on, Lights off:

Clapping to switch on the light!? Remember, no physical stress here. All it takes is your voice. Connect Wizhom with Alexa or Google home and go ahead speak out clearly – “Switch on the hall lights please” – and boom! the lights are on. Neat, right?

Wizhom makes it easier to be lazier. There’s no need to move a muscle (apart from those vocal chords.) So, the next time your wife leaves the lights on in the bedroom, you just have to ask Alexa/Google to switch it off. Simple!

Control Lights - Toyama Wizhom

2) Getting ‘vocal’ with devices

All the appliances connected with Wizhom and configured into Alexa/Google can be controlled with your voice. “Alexa, I’d like some coffee please” – and next you’d see your coffee machine whizzing and whirring into life, pouring out a hot cup of joe just for you. “Google, it’s too bright in here!” – and you’d see the lights being dimmed down and the curtain shades being pulled in.   Walking up to see who’s at the door is so old school! Just shout, “Who’s at the door?” and see a live video of your visitor on your phone. Pretty nifty, we’d say! Wizhom eliminates the need for buttons. Operating appliances just with your voice would definitely give you a hint of what Tony Stark feels like when speaking to Jarvis!

Do Not Miss a Visitor - Toyama Wizhom

3) One voice, many activities:

You can go ahead and preconfigure certain settings of your lights, windows, security etc to be triggered at a certain keyword. Saying, “Good night, Alexa” will cause all the lights of the house to be switched off, all the shades to be pulled in and will put the house in secure mode – all of that with just a couple of words! So, will you choose this over walking up to all the blinds and turning them over, securing the doors, locking the doors, switching off the lights, turning off the appliances – MANUALLY! Wizhom makes it easy – to live a life like Tony Stark!

Home Automation - Toyama Wizhom

Wizhom helps you feel like a King, controlling your technological disciples at your command. Reducing physical stress and manual labour to such an extent, you’d have extra time to spend in the gymnasium. Go for Wizhom and discover the power of your voice.

Every day, technology keeps on evolving, providing us with nifty innovative creature comforts. Today, we feel like Tony Stark from Iron Man. Tomorrow, we might have a chance to have a full-fledged voice-assistant and maybe a robot butler? **fingers-crossed**