Have you ever thought that your home will become smart enough to manage power consumption, detect and warn of dangerous conditions and even let you ask about anything? Thanks to the emergence of IoT that can collect and exchange data through embedded sensors, this is now possible.

Home automation is all about convenience and comfort. It makes your life better by letting you focus on what you love. An automated home consolidates different devices in your home into one device. Home automation adjusts the devices in your home to your personal preferences, turning your home into a “smart home”.   

The IoT-enabled devices include locks, smoke alarms, surveillance cameras, thermostats, doorbells etc. Home automation technology allows you to control your home by combining these devices with Google Home Speaker or Amazon Echo.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Image Source – Buildyoursmarthome.co

In the early days of home automation, we saw companies developing home security solutions to protect our families. For instance, CCTV cameras connected through the internet allowed us to view our homes in real time.

Today, homeowners can view their property from anywhere in the world using their smartphones. The outdoor cameras are even combined with doorbell function allowing homeowners to answer the door without moving from the couch.

Home automation companies are constantly developing new products leveraging the ubiquity of smart devices.  It is possible to create a smart home where every device is connected to each other in such a way that we communicate with them. Through devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo, we can turn the smart devices into tools that make out life easier.

We have already entered into 2018. Hundreds of home automation devices have been released till date, and we can expect the number of devices to increase even more. Predicting the future of home automation technology is not easy. However, we expect the home automation as a concept touches every house in India by 2025.


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