Hope you had a Merry Christmas and are all set to ring in 2018 with a bang! This week, we are wrapping up our last newsletter of 2017 with a few thoughts on voice and how it is set to change the way we interact with our homes & we have another exciting announcement (long due) to make.

‘Talking’ to your home is not a distant reality. It’s here.

talk to your home

2017 was probably one of the most interesting years in Smart homes and their transition to becoming mainstream. One reason for this is the emergence of the voice assistant. If you are a smartphone user, you are already aware that you have a voice assistant inside it (Siri, Bixby, Google). But there’s more: what if you had that assistant in your home. Amazon Echo – a Smart Speaker has done exactly that.

This Smart speaker (and now also a smart hub) has become synonymous with voice-powered Smart homes with its dominance in markets such as the US and UK. More and more electronics brands and even new start-ups are building hardware and ‘skills’ around it – not because it’s the best smart speaker ever but because it has introduced consumers to the easiest way to interface with their homes i.e. via voice. Jeff Bezos has achieved what no one expected an online retailer to do. What started as a speaker that would allow you to shop from Amazon has turned into a full-fledged ecosystem that can do so much more. Right from switching on your porch lights to hailing a cab (This works in India too) and almost everything in between.

In 2017, the Echo came to India – at a killer price of under Rs. 10K! At this price and with the hope that more Indian companies design devices that work with Echo, we look forward to chatting more with our ‘desi’ assistant in 2018.

If you are yet to discover this device, check out our coverage (videos and more) on it here. BTW, it is the best time right now to buy it – at 30% off.

Introducing our SME Outlook Panel. Read our first Expert Q&A if you are considering solar energy!

We are also super excited to announce (what has been low-key to date) our SME Outlook Panel. So what is it you ask? Well, we basically put together a collaborative of experts, opinion leaders, and practitioners to write on our platform. The idea is to bring Subject Matter Experts together on one platform who can help answer your questions with regards to new technology and introduce you to new and upcoming trends.

Arjun Srihari who joined our panel does an interview which is essentially an ‘all-you-need-to-know’ about Solar energy if you are considering this for your home or apartment. Read our entire interview with him here.

Last but not the least. Thanks for a great year!


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