The much-loved monsoon is here and how? It is that time of the year when we yearn for long weekends to run away on a scenic long drive to your favourite monsoon gateway. And what is the must-have for that long drive? Obviously, the first thing you need is a car. And if you plan to take it for a ride in the rains, then the car has to be as healthy as you, able to take that journey. But in a rush to get bags packed, kids fed and ticking other handy-dandy things off the checklist we forget about the trusty family vehicle.

long drive

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your car could speak to you like Herbie did?  Tell you “buddy, just put some water in the battery, or the engine oil will not last you this drive, you better change it before we head out. Or even in worst case scenarios, “buddy help me! someone is taking me away from you.” But does it happen? No! It does not, and being stranded on a long weekend is not what anyone would want. No one expects getting stuck on the road trip due to a car breakdown or even getting lost.

talking car

And to save you from getting stuck we have two devices that will transform your humble four-wheeler into a Herbie using smart technology.

It’s time to be STREETSMART:

Yeah, like literally. Streetsmart Vehicle Passenger Safety Solution GPS Tracker. This easy to use plug & play device once plugged into your OBD port turns your car into a talking car. You will start getting alerts on the health of your engine, your batteries, brakes or anything else that is wrong with the car, keeping you one step ahead. Apart from managing and tracking your car, this product & app combination from ZICOM which comes with an annual subscription fee will give you pan India roadside assistance, and even rash driving notification, theft alert apart from the much-needed GPS tracking.


The driving assistant:

The Zyme pro smart car dongle with multi-car tracking feature allows you to remotely track the location of your car and also tells you about the performance of your car. And we call it your assistant because it will warn you about sharp turns, over-speeding, sudden movements like lane changes or braking, which is a boon when you are traveling in the rains. It also warns you about over idling, which many times we do not do intentionally but then it does harm the car. A product that tells you about your route history and fuel consumption is more a friend than an assistant.

zyme pro smart car dongle

Knowledge is power. And knowing that products like these exist is always an extra feather in our caps. No matter which car you have, smart accessories will take you a long way in maintaining the car conditions and enjoying worry-free and exhilarating road trips.

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