Admit it, you must have tried something weird something quirky with your voice assistant! Google recently announced that 4,50,000 Indians asked Google’s voice assistant to marry them! So now we know we are testing the waters with these voice assistants. If you own an Amazon Alexa, we list 10 cool things you can do with your Amazon’s voice assistant:

1) Music on demand:

Play whatever music you ask her to play! “Alexa, play some Jazz”, “Alexa, play The Bohemian Rhapsody” or “Alexa, play thunderstorm sounds” and Alexa will happily oblige.

2) Skill finder:

With 1000’s of skills available for Amazon Alexa, the Skill Finder helps you unearth new skills every day. “Alexa, tell Skill Finder to give me the Skill of the Day”, and you’ll be able to discover new cool integrations with Alexa.

3) TrackR:

If you’re that sort of person who is pretty forgetful about his/her phone, you need this Alexa’s skill. Sign up for a TrackR account and shout, “Alexa, find my phone’, and your phone will immediately ring at the highest volume.

4) Uber:

Hook your Uber account with Amazon Alexa and you’d be able to hire yourself a cab with your voice assistant. “Alexa, call me an Uber” will make Alexa ask you for the specifics. If you provide all the details, then you’d find a can waiting for you at your doorstep.

Amazon Alexa Uber

5) 7-minute workout:

“Alexa, start the 7-minute workout,” and Alexa will take you through an amazing 7-minute fitness regime. If you’re unsure of the exercises, there will be images shown to you from the Alexa app on your phone. That’s one easy way to stay fit!

6) Gadget grouping:

Grouping these smart gadgets into one profile lets you control each one of them with just one tap. Just like profiles on your phone, set each gadget as per your preference and the set profile will activate all gadgets as per that preference.

7) Routines:

Routines help you trigger multiple things all at once with a single customisable command. For eg, “Alexa, I’m home” can trigger the lights to switch on, turn on your TV and even raise your window shades. You can customise these commands and the triggers as per your specifications.

8) Roomba clean:

Couple your Alexa with a robot vacuum cleaner like Roomba and just say a command like, “Alexa, clean up”, and the robot will come to life and start tidying up the room. It’s that easy!

9) Alexa Guard:

“Alexa, I’m leaving” will make your Alexa enter the Guard Mode where it’s built-in microphones will be actively listening for trouble.

Amazon Alexa Guard

10) Smart home skills:

Your Amazon Alexa is capable of controlling most of the smart gadgets around your house. From lights to thermostats, to cameras to smart door locks – Alexa’s got you covered! Most smart gadget manufacturers have their own skills which can be easily embedded with your Alexa.

So if you already own an Amazon Alexa or Echo, go ahead, try it. If you’re still hunting ways to convert your home into a smart home, book a consultation with us right away!