Most of us love to keep our homes secure but the idea of using cameras in our homes can be quite creepy! So if you have never thought of when you could possibly use security cameras at home, read on…

When you need to keep an eye on your pets.

keeping an eye on the pets





We love our pets but there are times when we have to be careful, they don’t play around, hurt themselves or create a mess out of our living room. A camera can act as a watchful eye to help you monitor your extended family and could even let you call out to them and say ‘stay’.

When you don’t trust your household help. 

dependent on househelp





In India, we are highly dependent on our household help for everyday tasks at home. But often times, we employ new faces or temporary substitutes. In our fast-paced lifestyle, wouldn’t it be useful to be able to keep an eye out when we trust them with our keys?

When your kids are your lifeline!

when kids are your lifeline

While there is a lot of concern about privacy when you have teenagers and grown adults at home. One may want to consider hooking up a camera or a baby monitor to keep a look out for your crawling toddler when you are away or in another room. In fact, if you have a mischievous 10-year-old, even then you may not mind using cameras to ensure his or her safety!


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