Who is the most bothersome guy around these days? Your spouse? The Dhobi? Or your driver?? None of the above. These days it is the Sun. I am sure none of you will disagree here. But the good news is our ever-energetic guy is soon about to take a leave of absence as the dark clouds are on their way to take his place.

With the monsoon just around the corner (fingers crossed) it is imperative that we prepare ourselves to enjoy it to the hilt because with the rain comes a plethora of infections and ailments that take a toll on our health. To safeguard your family against these, you should start from your own fuel station- the kitchen. So we dug up a few products for you that’ll make your life a tad bit easy in the monsoons.

Good Riddance: Fruits, vegetables are one thing that enjoys the rains like us. But they get spattered with dirt and muddy water while kept on the road at your vendor’s shop. And hence, they need some extra TLC. Investing in a purifier that uses ozone disinfection technology to eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other pathogens from the surface of fruits, veggies, and meat is a wise thing to do. So get this one and keep the hassle of washing the eatables again and again.

Steam Cleaning: The annoyance of coming home in rains with mucky footwear, dripping umbrellas and sometimes even clothes, leaves us mopping all the time. Fret not. Steam mop comes to your rescue. The most ideal way to clean your kitchen, as well as other places in your house, is using a steam mop which uses only plain water to generate steam and helps you get rid of microorganism which is a difficult task otherwise.

For that extra care: In bigger cities, water contamination is a menace during the monsoons. To bolster your efforts against warding off water-borne diseases and water contamination quite a few water purifiers are available which are armed with technology that enables you to connect your purifiers to your phone, via Wi-Fi, so you are always aware of the TDS value and the water quality.

When More power to you: We obviously don’t need to explain what an inverter is. All we are saying is that it is the right time to install one if you don’t have one or if you have one then this is the right time to service it. Power Cuts in the monsoon can be unpredictable and for the appliances to keep running in such an event, you need to have one.

Technology is at its best than it has ever been, it’s up to us to use it for our benefit.



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