Roomba – a nifty little robot that has made cleaning the house look like a piece of cake!

The incredible advancements in the field of technology and innovation are making our lives easier. Advanced robotics gave us the Roomba and cleaning has never been this easier!

There are many in the market, each having its own distinct personality. While one Roomba can restrict itself from falling off the steps, the other can be controlled via your voice. So, here’s how you can choose the right Roomba for your house:

– If you live in a cosy apartment which comes around 800 to 1000 sq ft in size, then the Roomba 606 is your best bet. It’s nifty, powerful and all you’ll have to do is just push a button.

– If you’d like more features like controlling your it with Alexa or want to schedule it for a specific time, then the Roomba 671 is the one you should go for

– If you live in a larger apartment, say around 1200 to 1500 sq ft in size, then the Roomba e5 can you help you out here. The e4 can even auto-dock itself when its low on battery. So, the cleaning never stops!

– When your apartment is larger than 1500 sq ft, you need the Roomba 966 or the 980. If you want a more powerful cleaning, you can opt for the latter.


Except for the 606, every Roomba is compatible with Alexa and can be scheduled for cleaning. You can even control every aspect of the robot from the iRobot’s app on your smartphone. For a more in-depth comparison, you can refer to this table.

Worried that an automated cleaning robot will knock over expensive artefacts around your house? No worries! All Roomba’s are loaded with sensors which allows it to avoid walls and every object which blocks its path. And if at all you want to restrict the Roomba from entering a specific part of the room, you can use the Virtual Barriers which can be bought as accessories for the Roomba. That makes cleaning efficient, right!?


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