Every coin has two sides. Rapid urbanization has resulted in a lot of people moving to cities for the dwelling. This obviously has increased pressure on the cities in terms of providing for its people. One thing that has come to light here is the importance of effective waste management. Let’s start with you. Did you have any idea that you alone generate closely around 700 grams of solid kitchen waste every day? Which means one individual living in an Indian city generates 250 kgs of waste in a year.

Worrisome isn’t it?











I hope all you sane beings are not proud of this fact. Most of the things that we carelessly keep throwing into the bin is the organic matter which if composted turns into rich topsoil.

If you are making everyone’s favorite pizza at home and you throw all the vegetable peels, cheese, and the pizza base wrappers into one bin then you are doing things in an old-fashioned way. This way you end up wetting the recyclables, making them less recoverable and the valuable organic waste which could have been composted lie as useless junk in the landfills. Without proper segregation of dry and wet waste composting is impossible. The in-thing is to segregate.

segregation of waste






If you separate the plastic wrappers in one bin and vegetable peels into another, you create black gold. Decomposition of organic matter helps in creating compost which can be readily mixed with the soil. It is called black gold because it increases the fertility of the soil by ten-folds thereby nourishing the plants and the ecosystem at large.










Composting no longer requires an outdoor space. There are a variety of mini compost bins available in the market today to fit the urban household. The compost can be used in your mini garden at home or for the garden in your building or office premises.

You can read more on the process of composting here.

With the advent of latest technology, compost bins that will convert your wet waste into compost within 24 hours are in the making and will soon be available in the market for all the responsible gadget freaks who want to go green by being responsible for their waste.

smart dust-bin

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