Every year, curious geeks gather together in the middle of the barren land of Las Vegas to satiate their appetite for the best and latest in consumer technology exhibited by the biggest tech and electronic brands. This year was not any different at CES 2018. We break through the clutter and bring you the best Smart-home announcements this week from the most anticipated consumer tech event globally and tell you what that means for our future with our sincerest love for technology (but without all the jargon). Read the story here.

AI-powered pet dogs that are cute AND smart

It recognises you and your family members and can find its way back if it gets tired. Who are we talking about? Know more here.

Hate doing the dishes? Who doesn’t?

A new dishwasher called Tetra cleans your dishes in under 10 minutes, can be placed anywhere and does not need plumbing fixtures. Take a look here.

Are flying taxis here?

It seems like flying cars are indeed there in the future. Curious? So are we!

Smart Toilets, Roll-up TVs, Apps that can talk to your kitchen appliances. Click here for the complete story. 


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