The 2019 edition of Consumer Electronic Show (CES) gave us some cool some weird insights into what the future of electronics holds for us. CES has always been a technological mecca for electronics and this year has been no different! And here’s our top 5 picks from CES

1) Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi Assist:

Getting ready for work has never been easier! This smart mirror is loaded with Google assistant – that means, you can get weather updates, latest news or order stuff online while you ready up yourself in front of the mirror

2) Lenovo Smart Clock:

You won’t have to wake up to your irritating smartphone’s alarm clock anymore. At $80, Lenovo’s alarm clock is one of the least expensive smart displays on the market. Its google assistant integration allows you to set alarms, listen to music and even control smart devices – right from your bed!

3) RoomMe:

Up your smart home automation game with RoomMe. RoomMe creates a sensor network throughout your home that allows you to create personalised profiles for every member of the house. RoomMe can sense the person in the room and adjust the devices according to his/her set profile. And it communicates through Bluetooth Low Energy, so every action and data stored in local servers.

4) Y – Brush:

Does the dentist recommend to brush your teeth for 2 minutes? Y-Brush gets the job done in 10 seconds! That might not seem much, but this smart brush claims to get your pearly whites clear of plaque 15% more efficiently than your conventional toothbrush.

5) KitchenAid Smart Display:

The latest entrant into the smart display category will be the KitchenAid. It is powered by Google Assistant and will be a great addition to your smart kitchen with its elegant-looking voice-activated touchscreen. And yes, it’s splashproof too! And it will be loaded with a lot of recipes with its inbuilt Yummy app.

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