Here are some baffling stats:

1.8 °F – Increase in global temperature
413 Gigatonnes – Icesheets lost/year
3.2mm – increase in sea levels per year

The ever increasing “demands” of humans are taking a toll on climate & its natural pattern, grossly affecting the state of the earth. And as Kerala faces its worst floods ever, there is one formidable question that comes to light. What are we doing to safeguard our homes and our families from the onslaught on nature’s fury?

(Let’s be honest, stopping such catastrophes altogether is out of the question! But what’s in our power is to become future ready, to better combat such catastrophic disasters.)

Enter, Flood Barriers:

For all those living on the lower level floors of their apartment/office, to install a flood-prevention dam (like the one shown in the image below) is a brilliant idea! One that must be implemented pretty soon.

Such removable Flood Barriers are a hassle-free solution that will help in safeguarding property & lives when weather warnings are sounded.

Available in different sizes & forms even, you can pick an option that best meets your requirements. While they are not completely foolproof, they can surely reduce the speed at which the flooding occurs giving people enough time to evacuate and take steps to prevent property damage.

Flood Detection Sensors:

If you don’t permanently occupy your lower-level apartment/office, then opting for flood detection/water-leak sensors makes for a wise choice. For one, they are clean, uncluttered, and simple to integrate into homes. They are capable of sending out instant alerts, thereby allowing for safe and timely evacuation.  And because of their compact design, they come in handy in notifying about common threats like minor leaks. Like this system from Fibaro.

In the 21st century, as you go about designing your new home or office space, you must think of integrating smart solutions to combat such natural disasters.

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