Creative professionals need creative gadgets to get their mojo going. Their creative minds need to be put to test to bring out the best in them. Their life is a hustle and staying ordinary is not their cup of tea. Their fast-paced life needs gadgets that suits their lifestyle. So here we compile a list of gadgets which the professionals will love

1) 3D Pen:

This is exactly what a designer needs! Why make a 2D shape of a 3D image on paper when you can ‘draw’ in 3D in real life. Draw horizontally. Draw vertically. Lift your imagination off the paper! The 3D printing pen extrudes heated plastic which instantly hardens, allowing you to literally draw in 3D, freehand or on paper. Change colours quickly and easily. The possibilities are endless.

2) PenPower ColorPen:
Was it crimson red or scarlet red? Bid adieu to all those colour memory games with this piece of technological sorcery! This pen can recognise over 65,000 colours with an embedded sensor. You can freely extract colours from your surroundings anytime anywhere. The mobile app lets you draw and adjust the hue and saturation. The colour codes can be also exported as PNG format and utilized in Photoshop or other drawing software.

3) SanDisk Connect:
Creative professionals may have a lot of data to be carried out in the format of images, photoshop files, videos etc. Carrying it around in a USB is handy, but transferring it is a pain thanks to those slow transfer speeds. Also, the different ports can cause further issues. So, here’s a wireless drive from Sandisk which truly is a boon when it comes to cross-platform support.  Transfer large files, stream HD videos and music, save and share photos and videos to and from your mobile device to PC and more with this nifty little device!

4) IRIScan Book Scanner:

In little as 3 seconds, what you are reading in your book will be readily available to you on your computer, with the help of this IRIScan Book Scanner. Images and text from a book’s page can be converted into a digital format with the help of this device. And with the built-in personal network, transferring these scanned images can be done sans an internet connection.

5) Wacom Intuos:

Pressure-sensitive stylus and the tablet creates an intuitive experience for the artists. You can get as a creative as you want, as you can create thick lines when you press hard with pen, and ease up to draw fine lines. That’s one way to create natural designs.

Creative professionals have a vibe of their own and these devices match their personality! And more such vibe-y content, head over to our

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