Today, about 26 per cent of urban households represent double-income families with no kids. Yes, you read that right!

Termed as DINK (Dual Income No Kid) couples, this demographic group has been on the rise lately in India. They are seekers of thrilling experiences, early adopters of the latest trends, and last not least rebels who proudly defy social norms.

Living life in the fast lane, DINK couples prioritize efficiency more than anything else. And, smart home products make an excellent addition that makes room for unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

Take note of these little smart home hacks, implement it, it will certainly add a lot more flavour to your lifestyle.

  • Go Effortless On Cooking

A smart cooker like the Usha EPC is built to match the fast-paced lifestyle of DINK couples. Engineered for multiple applications, everything right from pressure cooking to making soups can be done effortlessly with the Usha EPC. That’s not all, the cooking mechanism also ensures that the ingredients retain all their original nutritional value.

  • Room Ambience On Command

DINK couples are relentlessly ambitious. They work hard to live life on their own terms and hitting rock bottom because of work isn’t anything new to them. Thus, having a smart voice assistant such as the Alexa to lend you a helping hand works wonders. You can control everything in your room right from the air conditioners to the lights with just a voice command and that pays off greatly when you’re down in the couch tired after a long day’s work.

  • Smart Indoor Laundry Solutions

Drying clothes turn out to be a hassle during monsoons and winter. Choosing to dry your clothes outdoors isn’t a viable solution either especially when you’re not present at home. This is where something as underrated as the Eunike Electric Aluminum Cloth Dryer can be of huge benefit. Come rain or winter, you never have to worry about those washed clothes and there’s no need to rely on sunlight either. The Eunike cloth dryer transfers the heat to the clothes and gets the drying done without much hassle. And, guess what, clothes dried in a dryer need less ironing.

  • Knock Knock! See Who’s At The Door The Smart Way

The safer your home is while you’re away, the less you need to worry about incidents like burglary. With a smart doorbell such as the Sure Wi-fi Video Smart Door Bell, you can now exercise complete control over knowing who’s at the door. Sure Wi-Fi Video Smart Door Bell uses smart sensors and intelligent software to ensure that you are alerted of any activity around your door, round the clock.

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