Major festivals such as Ganesh Chaturthi (Go Green Ganesha!) makes room for two major obstacles; shortage in power supply (due to electricity theft and illegal usage of power)  & increased levels of noise pollution. The government, in its attempt to curb these activities, has appealed public Ganesh Mandals to apply for legal power connection at a concession tariff of Rs. 3.71per unit and has issued strict Noise Pollution Rules stating permissible decibel levels during the day as 50dB in silence zones and 55dB in residential areas.

As a responsible citizen, it becomes our duty to adhere to these rules and here’s how adopting smart home products can help us propel a step towards being mindful of light consumption and fighting noise pollution.


Schedule your Green Ganesha Decoration Lights!

Yes, we all love to have our Green Ganesha idols surrounded by bright lights. But hey, GOD needs a break from all those lights too! Setting up scheduled routines with virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Home with a smart light like the Philips Prosonal Wireless White ambience Recessed Light can literally put an end to the hefty task of monitoring lights and bring you (and Ganesha) relief!

Green Ganesha

Not much, not less. Consume electricity as per your need.

A smart power adapter such as the D-Link Wi-Fi Smart Power Plug Adapter responsibly manages the power flow to your devices and aims for efficiency. Instantly turn the music player playing the Green Ganesha aarti on & off , automatically turn off lights during rest hours, and schedule power usage around your daily activities effortlessly.

Green Ganesha

Let’s be socially “sound” & responsible too

Tight on lights, loose on sound, not happening! As we become light conscious and play our part towards contributing to a greener society, and celebrating the Green Ganesha festival with zest, let’s not forget about sound. Noise pollution spikes during the festive season and this could be a potential disaster. How do we tackle that? Well, an app as simple as Sound Meter plays a great role in tracking sound decimal units and helps one gauge environmental noise. Too much noise? Call the cops & bring in the silence!

Green Ganesha


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