Diwali season is around the corner. This calls for glorious celebrations on one hand and loads of work that goes behind the scenes on the other.


Giving your home the right makeup is undoubtedly one of the most herculean task one has to deal with. The process is messy, painful, and it’s more than enough to make you lose your mind.


While the obvious choice many opt for under this circumstance is to hire a local maid, we recommend you to adopt a smart approach this festive season. You’ll be amazed to discover the number of smart products that are available in the market designed to make home cleaning chores a piece of cake.


Without further ado, let’s dive straight into understanding smart domestic tools that will save you time and energy this festive season.


  • Cautiousness first

    Before you arm yourself with all the essentials required for home cleaning, we strictly recommend you prioritize safety. Here’s where having a healthcare respirator such as the Dust Protection Particulate Respirator provides you with great safety. The respiratory filters particles smaller than 0.1 Microns and hence keeps you comfortable as you clean the home.

  • Blow Dust and Dirt Away!

    Reaching the nooks and corners to eliminate dust that resides in keyboards and window corners can be tough. Cheston Electric Air Blower is a product designed to overcome this hassle. The motors in this gadget blow out high volume air that eliminates dust and dirt effectively.

  • Scrubbing Made Easy

    Gone are the days when you had to manually scrub tough stains out. Today, a tool such as the Drill Brush Power Scrubber with a range of different brushes helps you remove tough stains effortlessly as compared to a handheld brush cleaner. The sturdy ergonomic design makes it comfortable for you to hold it firmly and get the scrubbing work done smoothly.


  • Kitchen cleaning done smart

    Don’t let the size of the SonicScrubber device deceive you. This device works like an electric toothbrush for your appliances and helps relieve the manual effort you usually put into cleaning. Not only does it makes the process easier but you can also save a lot of time.

  • Less trouble with anti-dust fans

    Leaving your fans unattended for quite some time can turn out to be a big mess. Here’s where you replace your ordinary fans with dust resistant fans. An anti-dust fan such as the Crompton Aure Prime Anti Dust comes with improved coatings that make the body dust resistant. Go carefree for months and still find no dust accumulated in your fan blades.

  • Leave no corners uncleaned!

    A smart product like the Karcher K3 High Pressure Washer is a must when it comes to effortless cleaning. The tool comes with a quick gun that lets you exercise complete control over the water pressure. Be it bicycles, garden fences, motorcycles or occasional jobs around the home, you can easily get the cleaning work done!

There you go!
Hope these little suggestions brings peace of mind to your pre-Diwali cleaning sessions.