Smart homes are going beyond just remote control. While most smart home projects in India start with lighting automation (that do not necessarily require a good internet connection), the wonderful things that your home would be able to do would be when it has a great internet connection. For example, the ability to access your custom playlist that is on a cloud streaming service like Saavn. Or even the ability to watch Hotstar, Netflix or YouTube (or whatever else that’d be your flavour) on your Smart TV or your streaming stick like Amazon Prime Video. The big question is do you have good internet to be able to access these cloud services?

No, it won’t work well if your internet is too slow.

Having a good internet connection is a must if you love your movies and music. In fact, it’s even more critical if you are streaming security feeds of your IP cameras from outside your home.

slow internet

So, what can you do if your internet is not working right?

  1. Test your internet speed on Have ‘the talk’ with your ISP if the speed is not as per the plan you chose. If you are still suffering from buffering issues despite that, you are likely to be on a slow plan. By slow – meaning you are not even equipped to play the most standard form of video these days i.e. 1080 p. A good way to test this is to play such a video on YouTube – which should load smoothly. Here’s a Transformers movie trailer to test it out.
  2. Check for patchy areas in your home (Use this Android App or iOS app). Unfortunately, you will find many if you live in a concrete house – which most of us do in India. So, what do you do? Well, one thing you can do is to ensure that the router is strategically located so as to cover your living room and at least one other room by ensuring there is minimal obstruction between the two in terms
  3. The most foolproof solution to solid wifi connectivity (once your ISP connection works properly) is to set up a mesh network using a set of routers that build a foolproof non-patchy network across your 2 BHK or 3 BHK. There is an alternative to this as well – i.e. using boosters or repeaters but they result in some signal loss so they may not be the best bet to ensure optimum speed.

If you are still getting this set up in your home, talk to the Smarthome NX team for FREE tips and help.

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