Believe it or not, 5AM to 8AM represents that time slot of the day where the magic happens!

With chores like getting your kids ready to school, preparing meals, feeding your pet, squeezing in some extra hours to wrap that challenging office assignment, a statement like that is certain to grind gears for many.

We totally understand that. And, here’s what we propose.

Your mornings doesn’t have to be so rigid and inflexible. Embracing little clever approaches involving smart home products that are simple to adapt, easy to implement, can create a breakthrough for many to plan a morning routine that makes room for self care, morning duties, and mindfulness.



  • Wake Up Right


Everyone’s obsessed with a good night’s sleep and very few priorities on waking up rejuvenated. The ambiance in the room you wake up to has a great impact on your mood. And, a smart light bulb like the Philip Wake Up Light does the trick to help you gently open your eyes to sunshine. Set a wake up time and the light in room will gradually increases from 30 minutes before your set wake up time, gently preparing your body to wake up.



  • A Mindful Approach to Taking Showers


Lately, a large percentage of consumers are intentionally tilting their preferences towards buying products that are eco-friendly. This transition stems from a pure inner intent to survive without letting Earth take a toll. And, here’s where a smart tool like the WaterHawk Smart Rain Shower Head will ensure your need for water is met aptly preventing excess water consumption in the showers. You might be very concerned with minimal water consumption but may not conscious during busy morning hours as you rush to office, hence a smart shower like keep check on that.



  • Feed Your Pet The Smart Way


An efficient way to manage the way you feed your pet can literally take a huge load off your head than you think. PetSafe Smart Feed is just the perfect pet feeder you need to take care of everything right from keeping tabs on your pet’s eating habits, planning customizable meals, determining the right portion sizes, and even getting notified about successful feeds and low food warnings on your smartphone via app. How awesome is that?


  • Can’t Miss Out On Caffeine


Coffee gives a great boost to start your mornings right but you know what’s more fulfilling? Having the coffee brewed and ready as per your preferences right on time without you having to make it, no that’s a delight. The Nespresso Expert Coffee Machine is made for just that. The smart coffee machine pushes its boundaries to deliver the perfect espresso cups. It memorises the users preferences, allows one to schedule timings, and comes with versatile features to brew your own personalized coffee.


  • Embrace Mindfulness

Allotting a little time for meditation in the morning can literally help declutter distractions. For most, meditating can be an intimidating task often not knowing whether or not you are headed in the right direction. Put an end to that with Headspace, a meditation app tailored to help netizens find their way to a peaceful state of mind. The app comes with great illustrations to take beginners and pros with some of the best mediation routines and exercises.

Start your mornings right and sail through your day like a champion. Happy mornings!


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