The agonising summer story is about to begin with the Sun God getting all set to strike on the land of the mortals! The MET office has declared above normal temperatures (by more than 1 degree Celsius) from March to May, across half the country. The time has thus arrived, when we gear up to beat the heat and seek solace in the integral cooling product The Air Conditioner. Your AirCon is equipped with an army of modes that help you deal with the ridiculously high temperatures and make your life easier.

When the need for chill is intense!
The big daddy of cooling, the Quick Cool Mode or the Turbo Mode starts cooling at temperatures as low as 16 or 18 degree centigrade and if you have been struck by the intense heat wave, this mode will give you the much needed chilly relief!

Power Saver Mode, Cause Energy Conserved is Life Preserved!
In this mode, once your room reaches the desired temperature and you begin to cool off, the compressor and the fan, both, shut off and go for a quick break too! While the air starts to get warm. Boom! The fan and the compressor rise to the call of duty and start functioning immediately, once again!

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When it isn’t so much about the heat, as the humidity!
For all those residing in Mumbai, deal with the undesirable dampness, using the DRY mode of your air conditioner. The fan runs at low speed with the compressor on for short duration in large cycles, thereby ridding the air off the extra humidity and leaving you feeling fresh and happy.

SLEEP MODE for that uninterrupted Zzzzz!
Snore away the anxiety of soaring electricity bills, because the SLEEP MODE not only helps to maintain the perfect temperature, but also helps to save electricity. It increases the thermostat temperature automatically by 1 degree every hour and thereafter by 2 degrees, thus saving power and maintaining a comfortable coolness.

With Wifi enabled AC, Cool it off, the smart way!
How about controlling your AC without having to walk up to the unit or using the traditional remote? A WiFi enabled AC can be controlled anytime, from anywhere. The smart unit may switch on before you enter and switch off automatically after the last person leaves the room. You can change the entire climate of your house using this futuristic Wifi AC and your smart devices!

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