This one’s dedicated to the metrosexual man, the man who has blurred the stereotyped roles of a man and a woman, the one who can cook, clean and change diapers.  But then can he deal with the stress of maintaining his own clothes?

Remember the days when we were dependent on our mommies for everything. From mom where is my school bag to mom why is my uniform not ironed? And that continues to this day. However independent the man may be, clothes are one department he is still dependent on women. Handling an iron is not easy as it appears, controlling the various temperatures, the constant fear of burning the fabric or maybe wetting the shirt with a steam iron when you just want to wear it to work. So many minor but important details.

Like last week we told you about washing clothes, this week we are talking about ironing the same.

Plato rightly said, “necessity is the mother of invention”. Though the iron exists for more than a century now, the smart iron has recently made its appearance. It’s essentially a steam iron that lifts itself off the board as soon as you let go off the handle and lowers itself down again when you place your hands on it and has auto on and off features to ensure safety. Sounds so cool!

It is now the time to say goodbye to our iron man, means the man who irons our clothes and bid farewell to mishaps like burnt or stretched clothes. It is also an opportunity to relieve your beloved mommies and wives with at least one of your responsibilities i.e ironing your clothes. The metrosexual man, it is here you take charge and the smart iron is your new friend!

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