Your video games console might turn old but the gamer in you never does, no matter how old you grow. Estimated to grow at 14.3 per cent annually, India is certainly poised to become one of the world’s leading markets in the gaming sector. A large percentage of millennials and GEN Z are hardcore video game enthusiasts in the scene.

Video games, by nature, are designed to engage players. But, do you know what keeps people who play these video games coming back for more? Put simply in one word, it is Experience.


Video games fused with an exceptional room ambience can literally teleport you into the game tricking you to totally forget that you’re simply playing it sitting at your living room. Everything from the sound system to the lights soothes your sensory receptors shaping the experience.


Here’s where smart home products can play a great role help gamers experience their gaming reality in more depth. Without further ado, let’s quickly jump to understand how you can take your home gaming experience to a new level with smart home products.


  • Is Your Gaming Console Smart?

    Linking your PS4 or Xbox with a virtual assistant like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home is an easy way to turn your gaming console into a smart one. A device like the Logitech Harmony Hub seamlessly lets you pair your gaming console with voice assistant enabling you to make the most of it. Once paired, you can easily build routines and customize everything right from sound to light to suit your preferences.
  • Immerse yourself in visuals and audio

There’s no great insult to a gaming console than pairing it up with a mediocre television set that delivers fair visual output. The better the visuals the interactive the game gets. Smart TVs like the Sanyo LED TV comes with a set of futuristic specifications such as noise reduction, reduced motion blur, bass enhance and more play a key role in shaping your gaming experience. Similarly, great audio output from a gaming headset such as HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset will engage your hearing senses to interpret the situation in games to resonate with real life.


  • Missing out on lights is a strict NO

    The lights in your surroundings play a significant role in elevating your gaming experience. The entire aspect of feel is greatly influenced when you have the right play of lights in your room that supports your gaming sessions. A gaming keyboard like the Razor Chroma paired with smart lights like the Philips Hue Mini Starter makes a lethal combination to help you take lights to the next level. Your lights will mimic the in-game effects for a full-room experience.


  • Keep Your Setup Distractionless

    Your gaming space is your portal to another dimension and a messy setup can give you hard time. An easy way to keep your game room distractionless is to have a gaming desk such as the Atlantic Gaming Desk in place. The desk is crafted cleverly to accommodate your monitor, desktop, and all your gaming gears. Keep your battleground neat and clean with the Atlantic Gaming Desk.


  • Exercise Complete Control Over The Game Like A Boss

    You can be talented and clever to decipher the mysteries and overtake the baddest devils in the games but things will only get tough if you don’t good game controller. A gaming device such as the Razer Wildcat Gaming Controller equips gamers with more control. The Razer Wildcat Gaming Controller rocks an ergonomic design and comes with 4 additional fully-programmable buttons to take your gaming to the next level.


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