When partying meets smart, home-automation products, magic a.k.a “party smart” happens!

Late night parties are all about cherishing great companionship and experiencing good vibes. We say, in addition to the above, make room for unparalleled convenience and comfort with a little touch of home automation; rest assured the party you host will certainly become an unforgettable one.

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Now, for first timers, the whole idea of upping the smart quotient of their homes (and in-turn the dinners, get-togethers and parties they host) can sound a little intimidating & a lot expensive. But, fret not, we’re here to dispel both the above myths.

So, here’s presenting your no-nonsense guide to make the most of smart home products in-order to host mind-blowing parties and thus becoming the official “party smart” host! 

Welcome Your Guests in Style

Ditch the old-fashioned way of greeting guests manually and embrace a solid keyless unlocking solution. With a smart door lock system such as the Hello Video Doorbell with Next X Yale Lock Kit, you can assign roles to guests, track unlocking history, monitor the front door and unlock the door without ever having to put your glass down.  

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Make A Bold Statement With Great Ambience

Lights play a key role in shaping the ambience of the room. And wouldn’t it be simply awesome to control lights with just a voice command?! Smart lights such as the Philips Hue 9.5W E27 Bulb let you exercise more creative control as they allow you to dim down or brighten up the lights in your room as per the mood and the vibe. Now that’s, party smart done right! 

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Cannot Miss Out On Beer

A late night party without good food and beer? Not happening!  This is where a smart refrigerator system like the LG 668L Frost Free can be put to good use. Easily set the refrigerator temperature, control express freeze levels, and check-in on your refrigerator from your smartphone. The digital sensor in the fridge intelligently adjusts the interior temperature and helps keep your food fresh and your beer cold and indulge in a true party smart experience!


party smart - beer

Music Game On Point

Here’s something you already know. A great playlist can spice up your late-night party and keep guests entertained. Add a slight touch of automation with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant to ensure that your music game is on point. Furthermore, you can sync the music to LED panels in your home and create a symphony that’s absolutely captivating.  

party smart - led lights








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