Planning to renew your gym membership? No, don’t do it. The gym comes home now. All you need is a dusting cloth and you are set to sweat. You have just spent a good amount of time on dusting your home and what you see when you sit with your morning cup of tea, is dust yet again. Isn’t it an everyday scenario?

There are certain things that can be done to not make it an everyday affair.

Using your old T-shirt for dusting?
Did you know that when you use your old t-shirt to dust, it is not helping you but it is increasing your workload because it really does not remove the dust, it just replaces it. So the solution is to use a microfiber cloth which is way more effective than your old t-shirt.

using your old t-shirt for dusting

Are you always shutting your doors and windows properly?
Most of the dust that is there in your house comes from outside, so obviously you know that you have to avoid keeping the doors and windows open all times. But one thing you tend to forget is to repair or seal the cracks in your doors and windows. Using silicone gel for sealing the gaps in windows is a quick fix.

shutting the doors

How often do you wash your blankets & beddings? 
Many times you wonder when you are not at home all day, why wash the bed sheets, blankets, and pillowcases. Big mistake. These things are the storehouse of dust. So washing them frequently will definitely help to keep some dust at bay. Also, hitting them regularly with an old pillow is an effective way to bring the stored dust on the surface.

wash the blankets and beddings

Things we tend to overlook 
Then the old, disintegrating furniture which has seen better days once, is causing dust. The simple solution is to replace it. Also, that pile of newspapers and magazines needs to go ASAP. These items degrade slowly and gradually produce dust. Placing them inside a bookshelf is a wise thing to do.

I bet these simple hacks will help you keep some dust away.

Happy Dusting!



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