It happens every year, almost with everyone!

A handful of your closest buddies, out of the blue, conceive a plan to hit Goa which later awfully gets scrapped. But, no worries, this cycle keeps repeating every year and a small percentage of people do manage to make it to Goa. You and your group of friends might very well be the next to hit the beaches. Fingers crossed!

So, if you’re having a plan to take a short excursion this winter to any random location, we recommend you take some time out to plan it the smart way. Take our advice, invest in some smart products that are meant to make your travel journey more enjoyable and leave no room for regrets.


  • Smartly Save Space

    Travel rule no 1 – Think like a minimalist when it comes to taking short excursions. Be as efficient as possible with your baggage. Unpack your towels that occupy a good amount of space and replace them with Kabello Disposable Compressed Towel. The compressed tablet tissue will expand into a full-size napkin when a little water is added. Also, they are made from natural fibres so they are completely safe for your skin.


  • Laundry On The Go

    Managing laundry is a huge challenge for both pro and amateur travellers. But, fret not, we’ve got a smart fix for this problem that many might not be aware of. We’re not exaggerating this but Scrubba Wash Bag is a light, compact, washing machine, enabling you to wash clothes wherever and whenever you want. Simply drop clothes in the Scrubba and add water and detergent and you’re done. You need not take the trouble of finding a laundromat during your trip.


  • Don’t Catch Cold

    Taking a trip during winter without a blanket can turn nights into a nightmare. A normal blanket might not be the best bet to tackle cold nights but a thermal blanket such as the Expressions Electric Bed Warmer Under Blanket certainly is. The Electric Bed Warmer radiates heat from beneath inducing deep restful sleep even in the coldest of winter nights. Not only does it helps you stay warm but the heat also serves as therapy to relax your muscles.


  • Sand? Not A Problem

    Goa and beaches go hand in hand. You can’t mention one without the other. While getting a tan on the beach certainly feels relaxing, nobody likes all the unnecessary sand you end up carrying with you. To save you from trouble, we recommend you have a sandproof beach mat such as the Home Belongings Sandless Mat that will help you enjoy your beach session without making a mess. The mesh used in this mat doesn’t let sand stay on the surface and you can clean it effortlessly.

  • Pack Smart

    Last but definitely not least, having a good bag/suitcase to manage your luggage smartly is an integral part of planning a good trip. Here’s where opting to take
    University Trendz Anti-Theft Fabric Backpack can add great value to your trip. This bag rocks an anti-theft design that reduces the possibility of theft during trips. It also has a USB charging port for quick assistance and there is a retroreflective tape on the front of the bag which makes this backpack more conspicuous in the night. A perfect companion for each step of the journey.


That’s that! Now you know the essentials you need to make a smart trip to Goa!
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