Everyone wants to live like a celebrity. The royal lifestyle, the famous status and ample amounts of wealth are just some of the reasons why people want to live a life of a celebrity. And with the advancements in tech, these celebs having being kitting out their homes to make it stand out from the rest, just like their status!

Everything’s getting bigger, comfier and more secure and these celebs have left no stones unturned when it comes to accoutering their houses with tech. Here are some from the ‘rich and famous’ club with their tech-nests:

1) Oprah Winfrey:
As being one of the richest women in the world, you’d expect a decent amount of tech in Oprah’s home. With a radiant heating system which can melt away the snow from the driveway and loads of sensors around the house to notify the user about the approaching car or a person, these are just some of the tech used inside Oprah’s home! An underground Wine Mine, remotely watering the plant, and a control over the entire house from anywhere on earth – makes Oprah’s house one tech-laden smart home.

2) Mark Zuckerberg:
The founder and CEO of Facebook made a revolution with his idea of social media. So it’s expected for Mark to live in a house which suits his taste – intelligent and brimming with tech. And his idea for a smart home is an AI butler named Jarvis (inspired from the movie Iron Man) who can do almost everything for him. From prepping his breakfast before Mark wakes up to entertaining his child when in need, Jarvis is an AI everyone would love to have on in their home! And the best part of Jarvis is – it’s voiced by Morgan Freeman!

3) Bill Gates:
An underwater music system, wall-mounted screens that can flip between paintings and photographs, a computer monitoring a maple tree 24/7 – yes, that’s the tech rocked by the founder of Microsoft. Bill Gates has been living in a technological cocoon for the past 20 years. So probably there might be more technological sorcery this time around. Every room in his mansion rocks a touchpad to control every aspect of the room – from lighting, temperature and music. Sounds like a dream, right?

4) Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie:
Although they split 2 years back, their mansion was pretty lit when it comes to security. The former couple had one of the most security-equipped homes there is. Their security system was worth $235 million and had cameras that were linked to motion-triggered TV screens that could be controlled wireless so as to never be shut off by an intruder. Some parts of the home were only able to be accessed via digital fingerprint recognition technology! Now that is some smart security!

5) Sofia Vergara:
The Modern Family actress always wanted to live in a fuss-free comfortable home, and hence she opted for all sorts of smart home systems which takes care of her entertainment, security and appliances. She wants more of the tech where she can water the plants through a system (maybe Bill Gates can help her here?) and running the bath remotely. Controlling everything with her voice is fun, but her Columbian accent causes some struggle with Siri at times. She would also love to have a robot butler in the future (Mark, you listening?)

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