Heading out for a vacation means leaving your house unattended. And an unattended, empty, dark house is an open invitation for the burglars.

But fortunately, the advent of smart homes have made it possible to keep these thieving masterminds at bay. With theft cases in Mumbai rising up to 59% in 3 years, you’re in dire need to pick up a smart home gadget or a smart security system to arm your house against these burglaries. And you also have the power to customise these gadgets as per your need. So here are some gadgets and security systems that’ll help you up your security ante.

1) Cycle the lights:
When you’re not home, just cycle the lights at regular intervals to make it look as if someone’s home. The Philips Hue smart bulbs have a built-in feature to schedule the lights to switch on and switch off in a customised pattern. You can have a schedule set for each day and make it actually seem like someone is home.

2) Turn on music or TV on a schedule:
Smarthome automation systems allow you to switch on any device as per a set schedule. For eg, Control4 systems enable you to turn on your music system at one point of time, and the TV after some time – all of this, without the need of you being present at home.

3) Video Doorbell:
If the thieves are trying to snoop their way into your house, their games are up, because we now have doorbells with video cameras in it. Watching a live feed on your mobile of the person at the door – even when he/she isn’t the ringing the doorbell – can help get a good idea of someone who’s trying to intrude into your house. Tigertech’s TigerGuard Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell is one such life saviour. Learn more about their security products here.

4) Floodlights with motion-detectors:
Darkness is a thief’s best friend. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep your porch lights on all the time. You can simply get yourself one of these smart floodlights which light up when they detect any kind of motion! That’d just leave the thieves up in the lights ready for you to nab him/her!

5) Smart lock:
Retire those lock and keys, and get yourself one of these August smart door locks. This smart door lock pair up with your phone for you to lock and unlock the door. That means, there’s no need for a physical key. That means no keyhole for the thieves to poke into. On top of that, there’s support for Alexa and Google assistant – so unlock the door with your voice! What else can you do with this lock? Click here to find out.

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