Smart voice assistants – you speak to them and, they’ll get the job done for you, it is that easy. The Amazon echo kicked off the trend, but it’s no longer alone in the competition. There’s more on the table now with companies who specialise in better sound technology have integrated Google and Amazon’s AI. Now that’s a whole new game!

1) Sonos:

Alexa gets a new personality with Sonos. It is powerful, delivers a better audio experience compared to Amazon Alexa and the best past – it can connect to other Sonos’s in multiple rooms! That’s stereo sound for you! It currently supports Alexa and will be supporting Google Assistant in the near future. This is the smart speaker for the music lovers.

2) Harmon Kardon Allure:

This smart voice assistant from Harmon Kardon is way too aesthetically pleasing compared to its Google and Amazon counterparts. Powered by Amazon’s Alexa, the Allure can replicate everything that Alexa does, in a better package. The 4 built-in microphones makes it easy for voice control and the 360-degree firing speakers help to fill the room with music. You can also stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth.

3) JBL Link 500:

The built-in chromecast lets you instantly play your favourite music, radio or podcast from your mobile. The JBL Link 500 ups the oomph factor in the smart voice assistant game with deep bass and rich sound. The built-in Google assistant works like a charm! It also supports multi-room playback across speakers and is easy to set up.

4) Eufy Genie:

This is Alexa in a better package. With the Eufy Genie, you can control your house, play music, order food, check your calendar etc. The aluminium cone speaker produces powerful and clear sounds. And it is constantly evolving as Alexa get its skills upgraded every time.

5) Apple Homepod:

This one’s for the Apple homeboys/girls. The Apple Homepod has the most superior sound quality amongst all, but is also the priciest amongst all! It has excellent bass and consistently superior sound quality across a wide variety of music genres. The Homepod is the device which portrays Apple’s venture into smart homes.

Honourable Mention

Mycroft Mark II:

CES 2019 introduced us to a new smart speaker that is focused on privacy. The open-source virtual assistant promises never to collect your data, and has a new touchscreen smart speaker to call home. It will work with major smart home systems and also sync up with music services. Hoping to see more electronic sorcery for this year’s CES!

And one thing common amongst all smart devices is, every device is capable of controlling your smart home. These voice-activated smart homes combined with these smart speakers make for some solid acoustics.

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