Hey, it’s Children’s day today! A day of the year where children are pampered for innocent existence. But children in today’s date are way mature than we were as kids. You can see 12-year-old child operating a smartphone flawlessly, or watch a 5–year old request Alexa to play “Baby Shark”.

Since children are already ahead of the game, we need to catch up with the pampering and education. So it’s time to invest in great gadgets and games that’ll help keep children safe, secure and entertained in a smart way. Here’s how you can do it:

1) Anki Cozmo Toy Truck:

Here’s you how you upgrade your children’s toys! Gone are the days of playing with static cars and barbies – here’s Cozmo – a full-fledged AI toy robot. He has an adorable personality. It’s AI enables it to express 100’s of emotions. He knows your name, face and quirks too! And he evolves more as you continue to hang out. It can play games with you and, its skills keep constantly updating, so you’ll never be bored!

2) Pocket Drone:

Drones are everywhere now! It has completely changed the way we perceive things. And then there are drones for kids who are fascinated to watch them fly all by themselves! Here’s a pocket drone for the kids to have their eyes glued to it all the time. It’s like owning a mini-helicopter! The colourful flashing lights will make it look like an aircraft at night.

3) Learn and Play Smart Tablet:

There needs to be a balance between study and play – hence here’s  Fisher Price’s Laugh and Learn Tablet. All work no play makes Jack a dull boy – but combing work and play would be much appreciated by Jack. Hence this tablet is filled with lots of music, phrases and fun sound that your child would like. Even the learning changes as your child grow. It’s an exciting way to change the learning arena. One tablet can adapt the learning techniques for 1-year-old, 18 months and more 2-year-olds! Neat, right?

4) Companion Robot:

Meet your child’s new companion. Miko is a cute little robot who can adapt and respond to your child’s needs. It has a wide pool of knowledge and an even wider pool of fun. Miko understands your kid’s likes, dislikes, mood and changes accordingly. You can interact with Miko through your smartphone. It can play loads of games and can teach your little one something new every time. Moreover, Miko’s talents and games are always updating so the fun never ends.

5) Bluetooth beanie:

Winter is just around the corner, and it’s the right time to bring out the hoodies and the sweaters. Couple them up with this Bluetooth beanie and you have music and hands-free calling on the go! This Bluetooth Beanie is pretty neat and handy. There are no frozen hands to pick up calls or change music since your beanie can do it on the go. This nifty little clothing protects you from the cold and helps you stay connected too – that’s two birds in one shot.

The world is evolving and you need to smartify your living! If you’re in need of assistance, don’t be shy and book a consultation with us.

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